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SOlstice TiltSolstice – December 21 5:23 pm ET
23.5 tilt in axis of rotation
Full Moon Rises on December 22 @ 12:49 am ET


As with out so within… When we look at a diagram of the sun’s tilt of 23.5° if we add them they become a total of 47° which when broken down becomes 11

The number 11 represents the central union of the sky 6 and the earth 5, the union of the microcosm and the macrocosm, the polarity of internal human body organs as 5 Yang and 6 Yin

Then when broken down into a single number it is a 2 which is our basic duality yet has the ability to create harmony and peace and brings an end to separation.

So as I ponder on these aspects as we move into the calendar year of 2019 I feel that we need to come to places stillness within our own hearts and create affirmations which will bring for us the highest and most divine aspects of ourselves in the new year.

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Within Every Moment


On the day of Solstice, be it Winter or Summer

we gather and remember the source of our light

Life is sacred, life is divine, life is experience

We are incarnated here on planet Earth

each living moment is precious beyond words

We are here to experience the sacredness

of the powerlessness of our existence

Path along the Waters

I Am ready for positive change!

I activate my path of service.

I will take my place as one of the Children of the Sun

I Am here to co-create and manifest my part in the Divine Plan

I ask that my Higher Self aspect to step forward now to be seen and heard

I choose to embody my Crystalline, Angelic Higher Self !

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Light of the Winter Solstice

By Cal Garrison a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s horoscopes are coming out under the light of an Aries Moon, a few days ahead of the 2018 Winter Solstice. I was born with the Moon in Aries, and on top of the power of the Solstice, this week is a big milestone for me. As I write these words, I am so grateful to be alive my heart is full of things that require more from me than my usual astrological ramblings. That being said, I have written a prayer, and would like to take this opportunity to share it with all of you. I hope that you will keep these words in mind on Dec. 21, I pray that all of your dreams come true as we leave the darkness and return to the light, and that you take what you can from this week’s scopes.

Here is the prayer:

In this season where darkness and light meet and become one, quantum effects in the Heart of Creation stir the matrix and birth the seed atom for the coming year. From the central core of the gravity wave, the life force begins to oscillate, rippling through the waters of the deep, opening us to a sense of oneness out of which the next cycle can emerge.

If we are attentive to the way spirit moves whenever it enters the Great Void, it becomes more than evident that a new atmosphere is formed. Within this nothingness, no longer spell-bound by worn out distractions, and patterns of fear and separation, time and space cease to exist, and each breath connects us to all that is, and to the love that fills us with life.

As this love awakens and expands beyond the boundaries that confine it only to the self, we begin to understand that it is now safe to let it flow unconditionally. With the Light of the Winter Solstice calling us to add this higher kind of love to the ceremonial fire, with our senses focused, and our attention on the only thing that matters, there is no place to go but within. Inside the silence that pervades that space, the voice of the Great Mother will speak and it is through her that the visions for the next cycle will be made real.

We are living on a Fifth Dimensional wavelength. On this level love travels at the speed of thought. What lies ahead will be woven into the threads of thought and feeling that we spin this coming week.  Keep prayers for love, truth, beauty, trust, harmony, and peace echoing in your life. Close your eyes and light up the corner of your heart that remembers the purpose for which you came into being. When it becomes clear enough to read the writing on the wall, and see what that involves, bathe in that message and in the moment when the Truth sets you free, let it steer you closer to the light through the coming year.