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Simply Awakening To Grace

Today’s talk was preceded by pulling 3 Angel cards out of a shuffled deck which were slightly stuck together. It always amazes me how My Guides and Angels get my attention.
The Three Angel cards were pulled last night before I went to bed.
Fire… Grace… Awakening

So…What does that mean?

In its simplest form awakening is about being asleep in darkness and confusion where pain and suffering is a normal daily experience.
Then we begin to gradually wake up and realize our relationship to the world around us has been not in alignment with our Greater Truth.

Here are the links to both the Video and MP3 versions of my Talk
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Simply Awakening to Grace

Show Notes…

Fire – Nathaniel
“Gift of God”

Representing the fire aspect of Divinity which transforms our consciousness from limitedness to Divine Self. Sounds a bit dramatic for sure but it is really the re-ignition of our HeartFlame that we are asking assistance for.

A recommitment to Light which shines forth from the flames and dispels all shadows and illuminates all that is Our True Spiritual Energy within us.

Let’s just take a deep breath …holding it for a moment …and then inhaling & exhaling gently

Calling on Nathaniel to purify our body and our mind … recognize a gentle flame rising through our spine and settling into our hearts.

Awakening – Remliel

We have all experienced a dark Night of the Soul and for some of us there have been many leaving us feeling deeply wounded and abandoned or if you will asleep.

We all seek to escape from pain and suffering and want to have it replaced by love and freedom

Really we want to be able to feel fully aligned and alive with all of Creation… no more separation

Remliel is our Guardian Angel who is called on to guide and watch over us as we experience this deep passing though of deep struggle and crisis which is an accumulation of the many negative experiences of lifetimes that have remained in our DNA

so we need to remember that awakening is not just about what we are experiencing right now but has a cumulative aspect which is stored our genetic memory and the very marrow of our bones

We often hear the Shaman say to become the hollow bone… I feel this is our Divine Purpose not just an old adage from long ago Wisdom Keepers.

We will travel through that narrow/marrow passage with Remliel’s assistance until all illusions and energetic frequencies become balanced by our fiery light.

Finally arriving at an understanding of awakening…”a crystal clear, intense awareness… that penetrates all details of creation.” A Handbook of Angels p 159

It is then we become “ a clear vessel for the God consciousness of your Eternal Self.” -Angel Blessings

When do we begin to meet accept Grace one might ask ?

Sweet Grace is the angel Ananchel meaning “grace of God”

It is the opened heart which allows God’s Love to flow freely into it.

Once opened it becomes the cup into which our Eternal Self in the Divine form of Thankfulness can be embodied and poured forth to others without judgment or restriction.

I see Grace not as something we just receive but that which we are in our most beneficent state of beingness.

It has no concept of illusions, time or struggle.

No guilt, shame or impossibility.

It is home to our soul which I was previously guide years ago to remember as

Source Of Unconditional Love  SOUL

So let begin to Simply Awaken to Grace where denial has not ever existed in any form.

Where Peace is the only energy in motion

Soulfully created by the Light and Love We Truly Are and have always been.

Thank You Nathaniel for the fire which creates the flame of transformation
Thank You Remliel for watching and assisting us in Our Awakening
Thank You Ananchel for this reminder of Our True Self

May each of you begin to keep your hearts open and know that You are Powerful beyond all the images of yourself.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron

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