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2 Hickory Lane.JPG

Life is always an interesting process even from your living room window.

As I have spent the week doing energy work to balance the destructive forces of flooding and fires, today it is earthquakes and another hurricane bearing down on Florida.

Here in Maine it has been quiet yet across the street the trucks arrived to demolish the house along the river, which the new owners deemed was too small or not quite the perfect layout.

They are excited about the demolition and it represents the beginning of a new life adventure by removing something old and loved by others and making it their own.
They are not trying to hurt anyone but realizing a new dream for their family’s future.

So too, are we all caught is these energies, but for some it will not be a pleasant experience or a celebration of moving forward. For those who will have to rebuild after losing all of their belongings will certainly have a deeper and different perspective.

I took the picture of this lovely Post & Beam Cape through my window screen as I wanted it to reflect the ambivalence of my emotions.
I quietly feel glad for my new neighbors and yet great sadness for those who are today taking pictures to show their insurance companies their loss.

Let us all be thankful for this very moment
wherever we are and whatever we are encountering
for in this moment we are whole and complete
as the beautiful Children of Light We Are
whether we can see it in each other or not.