Rising Moon 3.19.19

Blessings of Light to All

I was awakened by Light this morning.
The light of a brilliant setting of an almost Full Moon and the rising of a new day’s Sun.

Yes, I get told by some that they do not rise or set … the Earth turns.
However I’m a poet and find that factual statement so uninviting.

This talk was my first live talk on my YouTube Channel as I felt a calling to step further into my being uncomfortable with being seen and heard publicly.

So the Equinox message was to step out anyway and not worry about how I appear or what I sound like. As I listened afterward I heard myself speaking of the Solstice rather than the Equinox and had to laugh at my error .

Years ago my brain was rewired from my NDE and what would be termed today TBI… Traumatic Brian Injury so my 3D memory has to search in a very convoluted way to find information as I speak.

I’m always being corrected by many well meaning people and told I can correct this memory issue… however it was a gift from my guides so that I would see and speak from my heart not my head.

Anyway I AM here to share Peace, Light and Love with you all and hopefully to spark your real memory about who you truly are and encourage you to be seen and heard.

Let’s all let go of the fear of judgment and stand tall in our True Light in order to bring about the balance that has been corrupted and stolen from us.

Here is the link to the video … my first attempt… I’m a Virgin again… and I Love It.
May each of you become Virgins and try something for the first time as we move in rhythm with the Universe in its Evolution

YouTube Live Video

For those who prefer Audio

MP3 Audio Version on yourListen