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To Resist or Not Resist

WOW!!! it has been a longer span of what we call time since I posted my Presence Of Light talks. This talk was broadcast on the 15th of March and I have certainly been in a vortex of energies which reflect not resisting.
However I feel the need to ground a little bit more now and focus on those parts of my life which nourish me.

Here the Links to listen to this Talk…
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Video Replay @ my Presence Of Light – YouTube Channel

Here are the raw show notes…

Should I Resist or Not Resist

To quote from, The Silence of the Mind by Ilie Cioara an Eastern European Mystic
“Do not resist anything you encounter:

Thoughts, desires, emotions: just listen and watch;

They appear automatically from the baggage of your mind,

Old and countless residues, deceitful and stupid.”

There is always a point where we experience resistance,
however it is only then that the question arises,

“Should I Resist or Not Resist”

Therefore resistance is a response to
an occurrence not an intention of creation

In electronics “resistors are used to reduce current flow, adjust signal levels, to divide voltages, bias active elements, and terminate transmission lines” – Wikipedia

For me my resistance is usually coming from a place of fear. And not necessarily one I might truly understand.
As a matter of fact lately it seems to be the latter of those places.

So let us Innerstand that Fear and Resistance are linked in many ways
and if we can manage our fears we can let go of our resistance.
SO I offer you that… Perhaps it is all about Resisting our Fear

The other day I wrote a meme for facebook…

Questioning Hearts
Everyone of us who are now
Living from Our Heart are

questioning everything that was
told & sold to us. ~ Riverman

It came about as I was awakened at 222 AM by my Guides and basically told that I could not do a simple job I was about to do because it would be in violation of my integrity.

I said WHAAAT?

Never before in my life have I been so abruptly confronted by Spirit that fear began to flow and my resistance rose to encounter these most beautiful beings which have guided me for so many years.

I knew in that moment I was resisting and would eventually block out their message without fully listening or trying to understand it.
I knew that if they awakened me at 222 it was an important message and that I should listened very closely as it was going to be a game changer for sure.

It was then I knew that there would be a lot of changes coming and they would be placed for me to step through as I strengthened my self-respect and honoring of my integrity.

No it was not going to be a piece of cake but it would be worth far more than they could express to me in human language.

So this is where we all are right now… at the threshold of something never before experienced

if we are willing to not resist.
It is about Creation on new levels and in order to do that we must set Intentions into motion
and if we are constantly in a state of resistance
we are in a state of conflict where the Intention gets blocked.

For thousands of years We have been told who we are and how we are to be

in a collective we have named Society
the state of being together with other people
and throughout it all there has been resistance


Our old teachings say that once we can manage our fears, we can then see that progress is impossible without resistance. Resistance is the challenge we need to overcome in order to progress.
But what if that was not the Truth but a construct created to limit us so that a few would prosper and grow while most would fail due to a lack of Trust in themselves.

When we question all that we have ever encountered and failed at we might first feel it as a lack of Trust.
A lack of Trust in ourselves and Our Spirit Guides

Our Trust is a connector in order to receive more of what we are focusing on.
When Our Trust in anything fails we are hurt EnergImotionally

and we begin to withdraw our energies our creations to soothe the source of our sufferings.

In all of the above we are making a choice which can be chosen in a different form

not to resist or not resist something
but to acknowledge it all as scenery alongside the roads we are traveling
Perhaps we can begin to see become a blur as we pick up speed
and honor it without fear
fully knowing in our hearts that integrity and honesty within ourselves

is the only energetic fuel that can create our release from Fear and Resistance

Thank You all for Being here during this amazing process of our evolution – Riverman