So long ago, yet just yesterday in our linear time this picture was taken of me to enter my beard in a National Beard Registry.

It was posted with the following words I wrote on facebook 4 years ago…

…”As we get ready once again to shift into a new cycle take a moment to reflect on your journey to this point. We are embarking into dimensions of ourselves that 19 years ago we couldn’t even vision.

Know that all you have been through and are letting go of are like the stages of a rocket launching which will fall away with grace and ease. After you reach an orbital state the thrusters will burn less and the stabilizers will keep you on target.”…


Both the picture and the words are a reflection of who have been and who I Am today. Each unique in their expression just as each of us are in this moment.

The messages which are only 4 years old such as… “shift into a new cycle” and “rocket launching” are still playing out for us all.

Some of us are just awakening to a new adventure and some are saying farewell to what may have been very painful within their last adventure.

Either way…

Herein lie the fractal moments of our journeys,
which are now moving into
the ever fading slipstream
of Our forward thrust.
Each of Us are not leaving anything behind,
as we would label it here on Earth.

We are re-creating ourselves
at multi-dimensional levels
in every “energimotional experience”
We embrace and release.

Show Up In Your Truth

As I began this day I was thinking of what might appear on my horizon. The stillness required for that however, was challenging to maintain at only a 3rd dimensional level.

I was gently reminded of how many other dimensions we exist in simultaneously, both silently and not so silently.

Our Divine Aspects of Self  in each of them were waiting and calling for us to return.

Listen to your Hearts and allow your minds to rest during this Equinox and Full Moon. ”

Most of All…
Show Up In Your Truth

Thank You and Bless You