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No One Is Going To Rescue YouFull Moon of Scorpio Show Notes

Bringing us into deeper relationship with Our Truth and Original Blueprint which is now revealing itself more and more with ever increasing power and focus.

Let’s take a moment to clear the waters in our physical self first by offering cleansing and grateful prayers to each water molecule within our physical structure.

In this process we honor to the life giving element of Water without which no living form as we know it exists.

A thought to hold onto is that we are now in the flow of the Cosmic River of Life which is constantly moving towards its reunion with its Source.

Place that thought over all the disturbing thoughts that may arise for you as we flow both individually and collectively into the illusion we call the future.

We are creators of illusions both positive and negative and have become somewhat lost in them at this very moment of our evolution.

We need to dive deep into the inner planes of ourselves and clear away all thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us on this journey we have undertaken to exist as humans on a planet of abundance which we are more rapidly than ever destroying.

So this Full Moon offers us a powerful opportunity to reconnect to our Planetary Mother and honor Her Divine Presence once again. Healing the misalignment and all wounds by uniting at deeper inner levels through fully grounding ourselves in Her Heart.

Follow the Water to Her Heart
Reconnect to the rhythms of Her breathing
Deepen your ability to listen and hear Her songs.
There is No Fear within Her Embrace

Over the next few days ask yourself what are your fears…
write them down as they arise within you
create a score card of how many times they appear
recognize that there is a pattern to them
learn that pattern so that you can predict them just like the cycles of the Moon
begin to understand that without your energy they are no more powerful than the thoughts you might have about daily meals
face them all and begin to learn that you are the one who is energizing them
then find a gentle way to share and release them to Mother Earth

Most of all our fears are just energetic recordings being replayed over and over as a very old alarm clock which has created a loop of self-loathing and lack of empowerment

It Is Time To Move On
It Is Time To Listen Within

On this Full Moon I (- Your Name -) gratefully embrace All That I Am

I surrender to My Highest Aspect of Self to guide and encourage me. Trusting with my whole heart that in this releasing of false thought and fears I will open the gateways and all closed doors within this physical house not built with hands.

I allow all the programming which has been held deep within the marrow of my bones to be liquefied and flow into Mother Earth for transmutation and my release from bondage.

I now enter into my most powerfully activated Self-hood to continue my evolutionary enlightenment without any fear or judgment from myself or others.

I now openly activate all strands of DNA that are coming on line to empower My Full Manifestation of Truth and Heart with the Divine energies of Peace, Light and Love.

I thank my Highest Multi-Dimensional Self, All guides of Peace, Light and Love from the Multiverse and the many Evolutionary Energies which are now assisting all of Humanity to release the past and embrace the new.

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