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Allowing Our Light To Shine

Allowing Our Light To Shine Show Notes


“When we Allow our Light to Shine, we not only help ourselves, we help Brighten the Path for Others.” by Eric Allen – change-our-world.com


How many of us are wondering what is really happening to us as these fragile beings of flesh?

We appear to be in a stage of extreme flux and many are experiencing discomfort in a wide variety of ways. A sort of energetic bouncing which is challenging to pinpoint the exact center of its source.

Lets ground ourselves by sending and anchoring our thoughts deep into the core of the Earth connecting as if you were sending roots to receive Love as a precious Liquid Love

Next step is to bring our thinking mind back up through you physical body and reach it upward through all that we perceive as physical above us… to the core of the Sun to receive Light as a powerful Liquid Light

Now we are going to vision two circles entwined vertically in the shape of the Vesica Pisces, the lower circle connects our Heart to the Center of Earth and the upper one connects the Solar Plexus to the Sun

Let us now just take cross our hands over each other
(right over left) in front of us and place them the middle of our chests.
Right between the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras.
Vision them in the middle of the Vesica Pisces

Your arms now forming a somewhat angular figure 8 pattern or horizontal figure eight
Close your eyes and begin to breath in slow and gentle deep breaths

In this state you are now activating your Light in a perfectly balanced pattern
between Beauty and Clarity and between The Mind of Source and the Heart of Source
or in our human terms a perfect balance between the the Divine Mother and Father God
hence we become the Divine Child and Our Light then shines as Eternal Spirit

Feel yourself as that energy not just a body or a mind and realize that this is You, as Light without any distractions.

Know that this is the Peace which comes from perfect balance as you always hear me speak about Peace, Light and Love…
Peace is the Child of Light and Love and We are the Spirits which bring it forth to embrace others, reminding them and ourselves, how Grace is not an illusion but an actual form of Energetic Existence.

The more we begin to open to the Energies which are now being re-activated within our physical DNA, the more we become crystalline in order to hold higher energetic frequencies and shine more Brilliantly.

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