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Honesty and Openness

Hi All,
It is funny how as I try to catch up with my Presence of Light Talk posts they are reminders to me of what is important.
The morning of this particular talk, I was in a state of questioning myself which is not uncommon these days.
So too this morning I awoke and had to be deeply honest within myself about the last month of amazing changes.
The accepting of our growth is confirmed by our own experiences through these two words…

Honesty and Openness

747 Angel Number
7 discernment, understanding, inner-self, awakening
7 encouragement of working toward goals, truth and integrity,
building solid foundations
747 is a confirmation of successful achievement and encouragement to continue

Many times we fail to see our own spiritual growth or development
because we are right in the middle of it.
We are the point within the circle which seems so infinitely small
in comparison to what is going on all around us.

There is so much being presented to us at any one time that we actually begin to feel slightly overwhelmedon many levels of Our Energy Spectrum.


Yesterday a message came through me to post on facebook which was a reminder
to reset ourselves  repeatedly when life seems to present itself as challenging or overwhelming.
Begin Again?
And Again and Again…
In the Beginning We Are One

First I want to remind us all that In the Beginning We are Love
As we enter into this body we forget that and begin to seek for ourselves as love.
Love cannot Lie but it can be hidden and so our human journey is always one of seeking.
Yet what we truly seek is always within us and gets hidden under everything we encounter.

Honesty and Openness is Our True Nature

Let us look for Honesty and Openness in others… They are our mirror.
so let’s pick what comes up first in that are and
Just observe it.
Perhaps it is hard to find at first.
Perhaps it is very faint

Take a deep releasing breath and let’s look within ourselves now
Can we see it within us
is it faint or is it vibrant and calling us into a place of Light and Peace

Perhaps it might be hard to find both in others and ourselves
This right now is our greatest challenge and so Begin Again

Audio Replay on yourlisten.com

Video Replay on Presence Of Light YouTube

In her book, The Healing Secrets of the Ages, Catherine Ponder writes:
“Bless the world around you unselfishly with divine order. As you do so, you release the power of order into the atmosphere to do its perfect work. Look for, expect and give thanks for divine order, often. By doing so, you release one of your most important mind powers to work for you and through you to bless yourself and mankind.”

I bless the amazing divine order in nature, from the tiniest molecule to the rolling of the galaxies in our stupendous universe. I bless the divine order in my life and that of my neighbour, even when to the human sense of things this order is all but apparent… I bless the divine order that is leading the whole of humanity through the many upheavals present and probably to come to the win-win paradigm which will finally give birth to that world which works for all, which is our divine destiny. ~ Excerpt from The Invisible Divine Order Behind Everything blessing.