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Day 001 angel of peace

Within Each of Us… there is a channel of thought that is being carved by the Deep Waters of Our True Presence asking us to Let Go of the Past.

Within Each of Us… there is a stream of memories where we have been so energetically shocked, that the human brain had to contract and place the energies of those experiences in isolation, to contain what it had no way of understanding or transmuting.

What We are fearful of right now is triggering all of those secreted memories that are stored away, both in our individual, as well as our collective fields of consciousness.

The fear that I’m reminded of most is that we are powerless.

Let us first remember that to actually want to release the energetic demons which have held us prisoner for so long, sounds like punishment not freedom.

How can we release these past energies without going through the suffering once again?

Let Go Of Control
Recognize and Let Go of the Damage Done
Acknowledge and Let Go of where You Are Energetically Blocked
Let Go of mistrust and Trust That Resurrection Is Real
Allow Your True Sovereign Self To Emerge

No matter what comes up, be gentle and learn to send it Light and Love.
Take it slowly and as the awareness presents itself, don’t go looking for more than you can handle at any one time.

We are not here alone and if we breathe gently into all of this past suffering,
with a True desire to release it,
without anger or the sense of being a victim,
then we will have begun the processĀ  of accepting Our Sovereignty.

The world around us may change dramatically but so will WE.

I offer this Prayer which a friend sent to me…

Guardian Angel

You, my heavenly friend, my Angel,
Who guides me to the earth
And will guide me through the gate of death
To the spirit home of the human soul.
You, who knows the paths for millennia,
Never cease to enlighten me,
To strengthen me,
To advise me;
That I may emerge
From the consuming fire of destiny
As a stronger vessel,
And learn evermore to fill myself
With a sense for the divine goals,
The striving of the spiritual world.

~by Ernst Karl Plachner 1896-1982.


Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.9.20