Message from Charlie H
May 21,2011


when we know it is our time to leave
we will give back all that we have been given
and return to our original presence
knowing that we have been in the garden

received by crb  5/21/11

Today a loving husband, father, grandfather and amazing human being left this world after a 10 month journey of having a brain tumor.  The memories he has left behind will continue to be a part of this world, for his presence and laughter will not be soon forgotten.I sat here at my computer tonight having returned from visiting his beloved wife of 50+ years

and as I usually do before I write my musings I humbly ask for those who want to speak through me to guide me in my writings.I placed my fingers on the keyboard and started to type out the beginning of a verse and my fingers were soon deleting what I had written and the above message was typed just as it appears, no editing, no misspelling, no hesitation or pausing to think about it.

Thank You Charlie, glad you made it home!