The year end has brought me to clean off the Desktop of my computer from sticky notes. This is how I write my thoughts and poetry, yes on Desktop Sticky Notes. There are always the exceptions of responses to people on social media which I immediately transfer to the Sticky Notes to save for later. Not a safe way to do things as I have deleted many of them by accident.

Anyway 2015 is now underway and I will post all of those I just saved here in this post. Many you may have read and some may be used with photos later… A New Year is now underway with a Full Moon tomorrow… Enjoy!

Softly I embrace you
and invite you into me
where we join hearts
and sprout wings
to ascend into realms
unknown to us before
crb 9.16.14

Sweetly we are invited
To look beyond what appears
Calmly and gently breathing
The peaceful vibrations
Which transcend all our fears
cRb 9.20.14

And so we watch the Sun cast its shadows and sit in thankfulness for the circle of seasons
crb 9.21.14

Beloved Dandelion your time is short
The Season’s change has come

Your marvelous Grace
once again calls us
to admire or revile you

Let us remember how deep
your roots anchor into the earth
and our hearts
as symbols

Of our own tenacity
to hold on and survive
against all forms of adversity

Shining Our Light Brightly
as the cycles of our lives intertwine
cRb 9.28.14

Breezes swiftly flowing
across an Autumn field

The maple tree is glowing
before her leaves are gone

Withrawing now into the earth
her majestic presence reigns

And fills our hearts with memories
of a Summer which now has passed
cRb 10.5.14

May you understand the deep inner workings of all creation which flows through us all from our earliest beginnings here. Each of us are creators but what do we create… is it beauty or turmoil… one resonates with our inner Light and the other from our Darkness.

What a marvelous dimension to exist in…
It is the wonderful world of opposites, wherein we are always trying to clearly define boundaries and those gray areas where everything seems to defy recognition.
crb 11.14.14

to become manifest
from that which is not
to dance in form filled with light
each within each other never having begun or ending
crb 11.14.14

As we gather into our bowl
all who are in need of our
Peace, Light and Love
May we extend our Heart
in all directions and dimensions
embracing all beings of Light
raising ourselves up to join them
at their level of consciousness
to assist those who are in distress
whether physical, emotional or spiritual
crb 11.16.14

Each moment in time is an avenue in eternity whereupon we stroll hand in hand until we join heart to heart
then in Our Oneness we radiate through all dimensions ~ cRb

Let the power of love shape your new identity as you walk lightly but mightily upon your world. Fill the space you occupy with more of your true divine essence and let it become a healing balm to those who need it.
crb 11.30.14

Out from this entrance
we came to Be
Eyes blind at birth
now we See
Brilliant LIght
within and without
Our Presence remains
without a doubt
cRb 11.30.14

Afresh I awaken
to a new dawning of Light
within the auric fields of my consciousness
There in the midst of Beauty
and in awe I breathe in the nectars
that sustain my presence

now Revelling in the foretaste
of Eternal Love I ask you

Come with me and let’s dance
joined at the heart in Holy Union
twirling through the darkness of eons
free to embody Joy and Peace
in spiraling vortices of creation
Afresh I awaken
cRb 12.13.14

Everyday we are given a choice and then we come to realize that in taking that choice we are separating ourselves into two forces which oppose each other regardless of agenda.
When we unify in our hearts then the solution is simple it is in alignment with that which we deem our highest self form which only Love flows and nothing more need be said or done.
crb 12.20.14

Can we truly paint the sky
or capture the rays
which challenge us to stay hidden

Are there clouds
which conceal all our fears

Oh how exhausting a challenge
to not claim our presence
among all of this

Rejoice and shout in praise
of your ability to survive it all
and stand in awe

For the beauty and charm
that a star rising from behind
the traveling gray wizards

Has brought us treasures
to behold and kindle
the flames in our hearts

cRb 12.31.14

What you perceive as outside of you is also you as well. It has been co-created by all of us over many ages and lifetimes. When we are face to face with this and overwhelmed, it becomes our challenge to stand still and look for all the possibilities that it may contain.
This becomes our personal expansion without which nothing changes except in our separation from the reality which can only be recognized from a higher level of energetic form.
We are now processing all this information at rates beyond anything humanity has ever done before and backtracking through our genetic lines to release the core/source of all we are now experiencing. So please be gentle with yourselves and know that you truly are creators of your own experiences and not victims, Nor have you ever been, for the words you use are but symbols of your experiences like the carvings in stone of our ancestors.
Look deep within the space between yourself and the reflection of you in the mirror and know the true power of your true heart’s creative ability for it has brought you both to this point in our evolution.
crb 2014

A ctively
W orking
A longside
K indred Beings
E ternally
N avigating
E volutionary
D ogma
crb 2014

H ealing
O pportunities
P romoting
E nlightenment
crb 2014

And here we are Deane shining our Light throughout all of this. Yes, terribly frustrating as well as terribly painful to watch and feel.
Yet it is we who consciously choose to align with the Highest Self we can understand, who create the counterbalance. As more awaken to their Truth of Inner Knowledge and live it we will be pulled back from the abyss of this horror.
What is hate but the absence of Love and what is that for humans but the failure to emanate our true source of being. Lost and frightened animals will attack those who come to rescue them for they have reverted to survival mode and as our human nature enters the state of anger, fear and hate we to revert.
Let us briefly vent to allow ourselves and others that we do not want this to continue in any form yet to regroup ourselves and remind each other of the abundance rather than the lack, of the beauty rather than ugliness and the Joy of Life rather than the Pain.
Yes I Am you and You are I Am.

It is the feeling of powerlessness through programming that transforms the Real power into a longing for it. When this occurs true reality is turned inside out and made to appear real, a grand illusion which creates a combustion chamber in which everything is destroyed. Striving to attain anything then becomes the ignition switch. In the above statement the word ‘goal’ becomes a symbol of the ability to shift from one phase into another of opposite polarity.
Therefore the power is returned to its Source without ever having left except in perception and achieving homeostasis.
crb 2014

Opened hearts dance
Each with glowing remembrance
Triggered by sight
Taunted by smell
Placing aside all fears
Of separation and loneliness
Smiles and hugs of joy
Love filling every pore
Each embracing without judgment
Let us dance
Heart to heart

Thirteen is the number that bonds multiplicity into oneness.
Autumn has begun
And so we watch in wonder
Lifted by beauty

Loving Kindness
the sweetest fragrance
Rises to greet you and lift your hearts

If you were to encounter an Angel
would you see a Devil
Were you to deny either
you only refuse to see
that part of which you are
cRb 2014

We are all experiencing a sense of entrapment here and that is the part that is not resonating with us. Each of us have shifted and will have to re-adjust to the new energies. Our decisions will not only be about facebook yet will be made in regards to all energetic connections regardless of how slight or intense. We are to take away from these experiences, that which has assisted us in seeing parts of ourselves, in each other, that will empower us and leave the rest behind.

Heaven is not a place to arrive at… it is made up of each of us… in every moment that unfolds… to not see it is to not see at all.
cRb 2014

Enamored by their own creation of the ego and the programming of it which they have successfully allowed to occur binds them to its service.
When we no longer seek to serve that which we have created either inside or outside of us we are free to experience and become that which we truly are.
crb 2014