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air messages

The Message of Air

I am the medicine

I am the constant medicine

I am the constant flow

of all which you need

Deepen your relationship into me

feel me in every breath

know that I surround you
no matter where you are

Deepen Your relationship to me

I will not ever fail you

I can not fail you
because I am also within you

And together we have
this symbiotic relationship

where I need you as
much as you need me

Thank you for being here
human being

know how much you mean to me

feel me, taste me, touch me…

I will always be here

And if you listen, closely

I will teach you

I will teach you

that harmony and grace
is all around you

if you allow yourself

to create the space within you

for it to fulfill

its promise to you

thank you element air

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1.4.19