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Lao Tzu Water Quote.jpg

It is always a Joy for me to acknowledge Water in its many aspects and share my Love for it with others.

In my personal world I continue to clean up files and photos from an Artificial Intelligence breakdown, on not 1 but 2 of my computers, and try to let go of my attachment to having things where I expect them to be.

However… Water always reminds me that impermanence is not only a part of Life but it is also a transformation which is very simple, yet powerful when we are both “flexible and flowing”.
Our attachment to all that is around us at some point teaches us that we have to surrender to a greater understanding which is both elemental and Elemental.

Water Transforms Everything

I’m often reminded and say to others…
Would you rather be a Rock in the River, or a Leaf on the River?
To which each us may reply uniquely as to one or the other.

However, how much more beautiful and efficient it is to “Be The River”…
from the first droplet of rain to the point of evaporation
in a living cycle that embraces all experiences 
without fear or complaint.

So please enjoy both of these pictures I call my Museography and allow both Lao Tzu and my Higher Self make you pause for a moment in reflection.

Being physical in this sometimes overly confusing world is challenging.
Yet to realize that from the drops of rain which begin in the skies to the great deep oceans there is guidance and wisdom for each of us in Water.

Water Always Flows.jpg

Blessings of Flow