Blessings of Peace, Light and Love to each of you.

In speaking from dimensions known to us, only in brief glimpses, I wish to express that every human will be accessing messages and communications in 2014. There will be many interpretations of these messages and on the surface it may cause confusion and the ego will create competition.

It is now quite commonplace right now, yet very few wish to speak out in public, as the element of fear is still genetically attached to their core experience. This will change in the coming year and many more of you will come forth with truths and wisdom that will challenge all human behavioral patterns, both in yourselves and in particular to those immediately around you.

Let this thought drift into your mind gently and know that you are, and have agreed, to be a part of this transmutation of humanity. There should always be an air of skeptic analysis for your minds to be able to breathe in, so please remain questioners of all that is presented to you. Find all that resonates with you without excessive alarm and explore some of the reasons, why others do or do not, in order to gain better alignment.

As a collective consciousness you have done this before several times but never to this degree and so some old ways may be remembered but they will not work during this sequence of events. The past has been filled with control and the extraction of elements for specific purposes; this will not occur again.

Each of you represent a fragment of energy that has been separated only partially from its source. This has reached the farthest point of separation that can occur within the environment in which it is contained. Therefore it will now return transformed by its experiences, or it may better be said that; you will now reap the benefit of all that has transpired both collectively and individually.
This will bring the collective body we know and enjoy now as humanity into contact with many other life forms and energy sources on a conscious level, which will be beneficial to all beings in many dimensions.

Please keep your hearts open, remove the filters from your minds and know that the only interference in this process is fear. Our ability to transcend this has been greatly enhanced so that fear can been rendered down to a minor inconvenience as a bodily function at this grid point in our evolution.

Know that all life is changing in one manner or another and that it is perfectly fine to be apprehensive; however we will not nor cannot ever be alone in this.

Eyes Open, Heart Open, Together In Love,
cRb 12.31.13