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Each Moment Of Life

How can We begin the year 2020 without a bit of reflection?
These words poured across my facebook page from within a distant inner part of myself, as I was ending the first 7 days of this new decade.

Realizing that this was a very different feeling. One that had perhaps been accidentally introduced into my consciousness and could be unstable or as always it would leave as fast as it appeared.

Surprise has not always been a pleasant experience as a child for many of us… as a matter of fact it was very often, intentionally used to induce fear in us.

So this message is to remind us that Our ability to see ourselves as being precious is now returning from the darkness.

So let us re-adapt to the new frequencies of energy that support us and be humbly thankful for what may happen as we move deeper into next chapter of our lives.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1.7.2020