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Freedom Cruise 2007  1

Today has many meanings and memories for me and commemorates my return from death 24 years ago.
Yes I used to say I had an NDE or Near Death Experience as the researchers like to call it, but not so much anymore. No, I died and returned!

There is no longer any fear of what others might think or ask.
There is only gratitude for all that I have experienced both good and bad that never would have happened had I not returned.

There would be no writing of this or any of my poetry.

All would have ended as a drunk motorcyclist talking to a police officer whose 10-20 (location) was an accident scene in Portsmouth NH on 10.19.1991.

I can never look at this day without amazing wonder at who and what we truly are.

Yes, each of us, every human being on this planet are so much more than we could ever imagine. More than storytellers could ever write regardless of our 10-20 here on Planet Earth or wherever else we may dwell simultaneously.

One deep breath 24 years long…

Twenty-four years of sharing the Peace, Light and Love that I Am, that is eternally focused from within to shine forth.
Much like the Sun in the photograph taken by my Beloved and tweaked by me to reveal the power and pure energy it represents; Our Truest Essence will shine through the darkest clouds.

I Love each of you and though we may never meet in physical form, each of you dwell in my heart and I in yours.

May OUR Peace, Light and Love radiate and ignite a New World of Harmony and Balance.