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Expanding Our Existence

There are times in our lives when it is more than a challenge to assess and define our experiences.

I like to call it Self Expansion!

As many of us reach into higher realms of our possibilities We are left with a feeling of vagueness that would resemble a lack of self-confidence or loss of stability.

This feeling is not in any way a failure on our part but the releasing of all energies which no longer have the same values as they once had.

We may speak of it in different terms yet no matter what label is put on it, there is no place we can hide or run away to in order to avoid it.

Watching for the emotional signs within us is like looking at the sky each day and seeing clouds which form and mutate as we watch them.

How beautiful it is to come to the realization, that in the midst of all our suffering on a physical or mental level,  there is a profound shift going on within and around us.

An energy shift which defies us to put a name on it… though we will try our damnedest to do so.

Tonight it will change with the winds and reappear tomorrow.

So let’s not try to grasp and hold it, but ride in the flow of it, to that Higher Self we know exists as the Truth of who and what WE are.

Many Blessings on your journey and know that you are not alone although it may appear as such.