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How sweet the message is today about Our position in which…
We Are Looking Forward…
So much is unfolding and presenting itself that it can be very intimidating to try and wrap our human consciousness around it all.
It seems that much of our focus over the last few months has been confusing to many.

I mean that in the sense of having been a hodgepodge of frequencies, which seem very fractured while at the same time aligned in a purposeful manner.

Peace In Impermanence.png
This message came through as I awoke one morning to a deeper sense of how all of the struggling we do throughout our lives is purposeful, but not as important as we make it out to be.
I saw what appeared to me as a layer of Water in which I was feeling a sense of struggle to keep my head above the Surface. Yet when I surrendered to the peacefulness of the water’s movement I would float just below the surface and didn’t even need to breathe.
How simple yet challenging to do in a physical body which relies on it’s surroundings to acknowledge it’s awareness.
Yet We Can both acknowledge Our Peace and Impermanence when we let go of our struggling to figure it all out and allow our natural ability to float to take over.

Guiding Light.png
A few days later I posted this to express how our sense of Time was somehow being distorted enough to be able to reach across many which were running parallel without any fear. The key to this was to open Our Hearts wider in Compassion and seeing it as a Light which would serve us as a companion and guide as We sought to forgive and release our past traumas and genetic corruption.
We are evolving now at such a rapid pace that the human mind is sometimes being overwhelmed in ways that are familiar yet very strange in the same instant.

Finally this arrived with March as if the past couple of weeks in February were just to remind us of how Amazing We Really Are.
As if setting the stage for a new Self-Awareness that was about to unfold as We enter into another level of Cosmic Awareness.

I was reminded of the old electronic games I played where I would Level Up.
How exciting it was to come to that place of newness and anticipate what I might experience next in this unfamiliar world.

So this is what I saw when I created this artistic photo…3.3.3 2019

A field of Light Energy in which both the Source and the Reflection were viewed circling around as if dancing.
Each unique in their own expression and connected through the muted and cloudy vortex of swirling uncertainty.
Each enjoying both the dance and the deep respect that is the expression of Creator and Created.
3 3 3 Blessings to each of you as We spiral through all illusions and embrace our completeness.  Knowing at our most inner level how amazing We Truly Are.