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2017 xmas tree

On this day before the celebration of Christmas it is the 4th Sunday of Advent as celebrated by the Christian faith.
So the candles are lit and Love is reflected in the Light as I send this out to each of you and it does not matter today what you believe or do not believe about the story of Jesus’ birth.
The true meaning of it all is Love… Unconditional Love.

A Mother’s Love for her unborn child which many may not have experienced.
A Visionary Hope of a future that embraces Divine Presence and Harmony.
A gathering of the Divine Masculine around the Divine Feminine in honor of their
Co-Creation with Spirit.

As so we have candles and trees adorned with cheerful expressions of our belief in the magical moment of surprise…

May it arrive in your Hearts
And May you spread it gladly

As we look forward, let us also look within, to find that Spark of Love and give it Birth.

May you and your families receive Blessings in all forms and know that you are the Love which fills the Chalice from which We All Flow.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron