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Christmas Eve 2015

As I sit here on Christmas Eve it is always a moment when I reflect on a miracle in my life.

Many do not believe that Jesus is real or is the Son of God, nor that miracles happen such as the virgin birth. I know many of us are not sure if the birth of Jesus really occurred on December 25th yet that is when we celebrate it. All our trying to figure it out is really quite fruitless and truly an argument within ourselves.

This character Jesus, the Savior born in Bethlehem, be He a fable or a truth has assisted humanity in some way for over 2000 years.

My story is about Christmas Eve in 1991.

The quick version is that I was an alcoholic who had a Near Death Experience and still refused to stop drinking 2 months afterwards.

I had been invited back into the family of the woman I loved, to share in her Christmas Holiday. As I was still drinking, of course the evening progressed to a quarrel with one of her sons.

I got up to leave and aroused everyone in the household including her 80 year old mother who was now in the midst of this chaos, of not letting me leave and drive drunk to my apartment some 2 states away.

So as I was surrendering to their pleas, more hurt about failing them rather than myself, I remember crying out to Jesus. Whether out loud or in my head I can’t say for sure but the prayer or plea was as follows.

“Jesus this is your birthday and if you are real please take this alcoholism away from me! If you can’t, then take me out of this world for good because I can’t do it any more.”

I went back up the stairs, went to bed and passed out… another drunken Christmas Eve and the one I loved broken-hearted again.

Well now that my public confession is over the real story begins.
I have not had a drink of alcohol ever since. No hard cravings, some physical withdrawal but not enough to cry about. A miracle that has now lasted 24 years tonight.

So my friends never underestimate what you can’t verify by scientific or logical deduction. Always leave the door open, for you never know when you might need a miracle from this being called Jesus.

As for me I Believe… Merry Christmas