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All wild animals that appear to us have a message, whether we hear it or not.  This is the first time a Porcupine has ever appeared to me in its natural environment which in this picture, is Mt Agamenticus in York Maine.

At first I did not know what it was until I got closer to see its quills which are not a pleasant experience in our flesh. So I kept my distance which resulted in a grainy photo … but that is not the story.

The story is about listening to your Spirit Guidance and trusting that even when it may sound crazy, it is still a request for your action.

The day before, on a walk with my dog, I was guided to ask my two friends Elizabeth and Shelley to go to the top of Mt Agamenticus and connect with the energy there. As Elizabeth was only going to be here for one day before flying elsewhere.

So yesterday in the pouring rain two friends and I went to the mountain top to connect and honor the work that we do and our connection with each other.

It was a brief opportunity to be together and hold ceremony together in person as Council Members of  LovingWaters

None of us knew what to expect yet trusted that it was an opportunity we should experience in spite of the rain.

Arriving at the top, we began to walk to the stone you see in the background to hold a brief ceremony of thanksgiving for being called there. It is the center stone of a circle of stones where Drum Circles are held and had been previously blessed with ceremony and crystals. The whole top of the mountain itself was just recently blessed with Rose Quartz in a Star Tetrahedron pattern.

As we approached the circle we found a large rainbow-colored umbrella laying on a picnic table. The 3 of us could fit under it and stay relatively dry from the rain while offering our prayers and heart resonance of thankfulness… for being together, being called there and being together.

So to return today and see the Porcupine was, for me, a confirmation of appreciation for our dedication and willingness to listen, even when our comfort zones were being stretched.

Alas the messages…
Porcupines aren’t really aggressive animals but have a youthful, childlike expression of life unless provoked.

Spirit is sending a message through Porcupine that is all about our trusting ourselves and having  faith in our purposes here now on Earth.

It is showing us that our re-connection to our childlike self and innocence is key to what we are doing now. To do what we can… where we can… and leave the rest for those who can be more readily available.

Porcupine is representing strength and fearlessness which is essential for living in the now.
Reminding us that we are family and that kindness is the underlying energy of all of our actions while our external presence warns others to be cautionary.

Our take away from the mountain was a meaning which I can’t find right now but one I will summarize

Older Brother with little sisters…
and there we were… the three of us
Riverman – Elizabeth and Shelley
Giving and Receiving
Hearts as One
3 innocent kids out in the rain
listening and following Spirit
Loving the Water