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2019-08-19 Storm Clearing

Here in my part of the World which is the Southwestern Coast of Maine I awoke this morning and did not know what day it was. Not that it is particularly unusual, but there was a different feeling which surrounded it.

Many of us have now been cut away from our daily routines and calendars filled with appointments or connections of social interaction. Even yesterday I actually put an event in my calendar that I did not want to miss and it felt strange to see the daily blankness.

What is this Awareness speaking to you about?
What is this Void offering to you?
Does it speak to you from a place within your Deep Hidden Heart?

The picture I chose for this writing was the clearing of a storm as I feel that our present human situation is similar in many ways.

Not so much on the surface of who we are in the outer expression of Our Living Presence but deep within those chambers which were closed when We were children who could not understand the energies around us that were shocking and painful.

The storms which our families set upon us, due to the misunderstandings of their own existence, in a world which they too had to bury pain deep within the marrow of their bones.

We Are Arising In Awareness is not meant to be a catchy phrase or type of mantra as it what is actually taking place around the world simultaneously.  How wonderful can it be if the suffering of humanity for thousands of years began to lift away and Light shine through the clouds and darkness?

Yes, I Am A Dreamer! A very gifted dreamer as are you if you choose lift that that veil of overbearing and painful trauma within your bones that no longer responds to fear.

Each of us are now being subjected to Global Fear at levels that are unprecedented and many of us are managing it very well.
Of course there are many exceptions as I see that the world leaders are beginning to wonder if their choices are going to destroy rather than create their New World.

All of the past Pandemics, Revolutions and World Wars are fully being seen now as moments in which Humanity chose a new pathway as a collective.

Out of the chaos and destruction of life will always arise the new beginnings… much like in our gardens. Yes, we who think we are in control of everything have to face that we are not really the rulers of this planet that we think we are.

Our humility eventually settles in to our physical and mental structures in order to allow us to rise from the ashes.

So I ask each of you to open the iron doors of those hidden chambers within your physical Beingness.
Allow the Light to seep into the marrow of your bones
Be gentle and kind to that Inner Child which is still in pain
Recognize all of those childhood traumas slowly and carefully
Embrace your fear and offer it comfort from who you truly are
Acknowledging that the Light which is now beginning once again to flow
Will seep slowly at first under those seemingly unmovable memories
To lift and transmute them into objects which will dissipate
and thank you for their release.

May YOUR True Divine Awareness Be Restored
May WE Arise and Be Seen in the Dark Skies

And may our new days and calendars be filled with moments that reflect how we as humans can embrace each other and till the soil of our new awareness for all living beings on our amazing Mother Earth.
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.5.20