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Iced River.JPG

Winter has finally brought its, close to zero temperatures, here to Maine. Although this picture of the York River is not today, it is certainly what happens when tidal rivers are subjected to intense cold.

So as we all seek refuge from the cold, I begin to reflect on those moments frozen in my own deep inner self that need to be thawed and released.

Two messages from Spirit which end up as my poetry surfaced in the past two days. So sometimes technology works in ways to remind us of those items we just file away without giving them a second thought.

Let me share them here…

In the wake of celebration
let us ripple away
into the stillness
and reflect
the Light
stood still
as the world
in which we live
turns and returns to Love.

York River Sunset ©.JPG

Yes the River still flows beneath the frozen surface and it still rises with the tides, so know in your hearts that we all are changing in order to become what we truly are

and on 1.5.13

All that has led us to this marvelous point in our evolution needs to be reviewed.
This will be the preparation for the marriage of heart and mind where no separation will ever exist again.
Call it Spring Cleaning if you will… and get rid of everything that no longer serves to keep your mind and heart open.

Perhaps it is a bit early for Spring Cleaning yet I feel that each of us are beginning to let go of our deep seated fears and early childhood traumas every time we freeze up and then thaw like the river above.