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On awakening to let my dog out this morning, I was greeted by an amazing Light show on the Eastern Horizon. I knew there wouldn’t be enough time to drive to the beach although I’m only 5 miles away to capture it all, so I sat on my porch with my coffee and camera.
This shot is the last one as the colors started to fade and blur into the Sun while the daylight began to take over. It was such a celebration as I leave for a week and I prepare to go to Hummingbird Community in New Mexico for the Maori Masters Super Intelligent Protocols and Opening of the Southern Door.
I felt as if the Universe was cheering and blessing me on my journey to deepen my commitment to Planetary Cleaning and Healing.

Later I found this message written three years ago which is so lovingly appropriate for how I feel…

My Beloved
From your heart
we all doth flow
transcending all illusions
manifesting in glory
beyond understanding
filling the void with harmony
and returning gratitude.

cRb 3.27.13