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Trust During Chaos

On Friday the 15th my Presence of Light talk almost failed to happen as so much energy was being received and released that it was a huge challenge to bring myself back into a stable frequency.

As we are only moments away from our Solstice I wanted to put this out and encourage all to tap into the amazing trans-formative energies and codes which are being presented to each of us through the many opened Star-Gates.


The following is what I wrote in order to balance the hemispheres of my brain and proceed with doing the show. The links to listen are at the bottom of the page and May each of you receive abundantly exactly what is in your highest accord for activation.

Trust During Chaos 6.15.18

This morning I arose from the dreamtime in a state of contraction or what I would call deep density. Both physically and mentally.
Yet, I was not overly alarmed by the dreams but questioning what was happening to me physically.

After years of being challenged by transitioning in many forms I do not move into fear anymore but watch it as I would any energy form seeking to communicate with me.

I have been observing this all week but not able to participate in many conversations of what is arising in the hearts of humanity.

Many people are speaking yet I have been not able to tune in as if I’m being guided to stay on the outside perimeter of a bubble which is floating through space and time.

The is feeling of being outside of the bubble rather than within it is new for me as I have been somewhat within  a bubble of amazing transformation for the past 27 years.

Yesterday I was called to look at a rose in my little garden and see how beautifully the Light dissolved all the petals into a spiraling of the color red around a field of Golden Yellow

When I went to post it to social media these words came through

There is no separation
Each of us are a part of each other
In a Playground Of Love 

Each of us are now experiencing many things both physically and mentally as well as spiritually as gateways to other dimensions of ourselves are being, not just opened but de-energized so as no longer being obstructions to the evolution of not only humanity but all life forms here on Planet Earth of the 3rd Dimension.

Here is where the word Trust arose in me and spoke as my mind was struggling to figure it all out and I had not topic for this morning’s talk.
My pre-arranged plans for the day were all changed and I was feeling as if I was compressed… vacuum packed is what comes to mind as I wrote these words.




My human mind which questions everything in its search for information of Who, What, When, Where, Why and How immediately began to try and override the message and re-construct in a form which would be more fitting with its own algorithmic coding.

I then realized that the mind was reacting in the same ways as a small child by clinging on to what it is comfortable with during times of transition and trying to create a sense of purpose for which it would be rewarded and praised.

Usually when we are faced with things we don’t understand we ask ourselves one or more of those 6 words which I am now feeling as the StoryTellers.  Realizing how their power to rewrite Truth to serve the EGO in its ability to distort TRUST our Collective Evolution.

So my message this morning is really about Trusting Our SELF …
That SELF which is not in need of asking those 6 questions and which distorts TRUTH which is LIGHT.
Feeding energy to the chaos only serves to keep us separated from Our Light which is Our Truth.

So as we move forward it really is just about overriding those answers from the StoryTellers with LOVE because it is Light and Love we truly are.

Deva Premal & Miten with Manose – In The Light of Love
In The Light Of Love

In the light of love

we are whole

In the light of love

we are home
in the light of love

we heal and sing

Thy will be done

In the light of love.


Trust During Chaos Video on Presence of Light YouTube

Trust During Chaos MP3 on yourlisten


Happy Solstice