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This was not my view this morning… as a matter of fact there is no snow and it is windy and raining.
January 3rd and my intentions of getting organized around my several creative projects awakened me, yet became somewhat dissipated in a very short period of time.

Oh how distant is the journey
between thought and form
wherein we become distracted
so easily and without warning

The list and order have not been altered
only the time-frame becomes disjointed
and now I type to at least fulfill
the desire for creative expression

2017 let me embrace you in fullness
my desires are not extravagant
and truly align with my heart
yet my practice is very weak

Perhaps it is not too late today
write a new Bio for the book
send a letter to last year’s clients
and take the measurements
for the new woodworking project

Perhaps it isn’t as bad as I thought…
At least I’m half way to writing 300 words today.

May 2017 be a challenge in which your only opponent is your self.
YOU are much more than you perceive… BE THE LIGHT YOU ARE

cRb 1.3.17