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92 We Are No Longer Waiting

“We Are Here Right Now and We Are Ready” is the big message as I sit to post this on my Blog page. In return I say “Thank You for Being Here As Well”

My personal journey through May was quite a bumpy ride through an obstacle course of grand design. Beginning with a major computer crash which has been resolved as best it can be yet took so much of my time that I now wonder if it was worth it all.

Of course the answer to that is a resounding Yes not only for myself but a host of characters with whom I communicate daily as Angels and Spirit Guides.

So with that said here are the Show Notes and Links to my Live Presence of Light Talk on Humanity Healing Facebook every Friday morning at 10 am Eastern

Inspiration Cards for 5.31.19

Sacred Space Meditation Card
“There are many ways in which the Universe gives e abundance; I am always open to receive the flow.”
I open my heart to receiving love and direction.
As I place my trust in the Divine, I draw upon an unlimited supply of success.
Soul Inspiration Card by Kahliya
Quiet Down

Before You Proceed
Look Within

You Will Find
All You Need
To Succeed
Two other cards I pulled from Healing with the Angels and Healing with the Fairies by Doreen Virtue presented these words
Balance and Be Honest With Yourself
Here we are on the last day of May in 2019 wondering what is really happening to all of us.
Or at least that is my thought as I reflect on the events in my personal journey.

No Longer Waiting

Let me begin with the words that first entered my consciousness this morning from a variety of sources.
Loyalty and Mastery
Patience and Passion
Honesty and Openness
Illumination and Healing
Elevation and Success
Synchronicity and Relationship
What is happening to us in this quick forward surge of energy is somewhat amorphous and very exhaustive as well as challenging to define.
We are receiving what some people call the “God Force” or “Cosmic Energies” of Creation.

Just think about that for a brief moment…
We are receiving what some people call the “God Force” or “Cosmic Energies” of Creation.


My question has been… how come we feel as if everything is falling apart???

The answer my Guides and Angels have for me is really very simple…
“Don’t look back at what you may feel as “Loss”

Letting go of fear and control is not an easy task but imperative in order for progression to be quick.

Yes you “will” feel a sense of loss at no longer being fearful, because you have spent lifetimes in this energy field and think it is real.


In order for Humans to evolve they must first break down the old walls you have built around their hearts in order to release all of the fear.

In the moment you release your fear, you are creating a space of harmony and balance for the Oneness and Wholeness to reside.

Creating is not meant to be easy… just take a look at our beloved planet Earth and all of the physical evolution that has occurred over Her life span. We are still finding buried cities from other civilizations and did they not also go through this process as we are.

Our potential is great and our choices are many yet, without fear and our trying to control every aspect of life, we will progress and evolve quickly and with less damage.

Will there be anger and old frustrations or pain rising through all this… of course there will.
Yet it is all our choice right now not to forget but let the energies we have invested in it all come back to us to assist us through this amazing time-frame to be here on Earth as Humans.

We will be guided through all of this by our feelings rather than our knowing. With a wall around our hearts we do not really feel much anymore so listen to your intuition and Higher-Self . Trust yourself and how your heart feels about everything and make this the source of your decisions.

Know that the process is really a gift to your-self and that you are certainly not alone.

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