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York River 2017-08-28

The York River – Maine

KA’ryna SH’ha GrandMother AH’LU’SHa’Mah
(“she who is at one with all universes in song, prayer and being”)
responded ever so gently to my invocation “Prayer For Floods” post…

Here is Her Divine message to us all …

GrandMother Speaks…. “Climate is Consciousness-Water is Presence”

Water is presence in fluid motion,
Water is consciousness tuned through the e-motional (energy in motion) body of being,
Water is constantly responding to our predominant consciousness tunings and focus, Water does not destroy it flows into whatever is in its path…. every-thing is purified by it, It does not flood, it moves that which needs to move into a higher order,
Water is Life, We are Water,
It is responsive, and curious the direct causal form of the immanent immaculate incarnate nature,

We give it all the qualities we see in it because we are so freighted by its power and grace.
How can something pool quietly one moment and then rush and move so rapidly the next,
let’s be clear here…. water is fluid, the power it has is natural flow.

Winds whip it up, air can freeze it or warm it up, earth turns it into liquid flowing mud…so water only inhabits the form completely that it comes in contact with.
It slides down mountains, it pools in puddles, it bubbles up from over-heating and cooling.
It is so abundant and so effortlessly aware and conscious.

So if a storm “appears” to brew on earth in truth, it is in us too… attuned by solar frequencies, aligned by super-galactic cosmic waves…there so much more beneath and above the so-called calamity and disaster models we create.

Isn’t it time we stop making nature and the natural elements into all of these disaster tales of great floods of endings and beginnings…and start realizing we are symbiotically attuned, interconnected and inter-twinned with each element that we have so unconsciously placed outside of ourselves.
Climate and Consciousness are one in the same. Let us thank water for the life that lives in it and the life that lives within us all.

If we really want to understand how to cooperate with water….we need to understand how to feel the depths of the oceanic presence that flows through every-thing.

Water is presence and We are within it as much as it is within us!


Many Blessings Dear Ones, I AM KA’ryna SH’ha GrandMother AH’LU’SHa’Mah (“she who is at one with all universes in song, prayer and being”)