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On my weekly Presence Of Light – Humanity Healing facebook live show this week my topic was based on triads of words which began a week ago after my last talk.
The show however was not saved and so only those who were present in the moment were able to get the whole story.

I start with a few words as an outline which have called out to me during the week and never try to write it out before hand so everything is from the heart.

I will now attempt to re-create the show in written words.  It won’t be from memory as I agreed to have that altered before coming back into my body after death so it will be slightly different but with the same message.
The first Triad of Words and their resonance are
Kindness – Feminine
Respect – Masculine
Surrender – Honest Acceptance

In exact order, their shadows are  Greed – Distrust – Rage

My explanation was about how, as we look around at the world today, what we see are the shadows. Women are not fully expressing kindness, Men are not showing respectfulness and Rage has countered an honest acceptance of the truth within us.
We have now ended up with excesses of the shadows which are not balanced or sustainable but actually life threatening.

As we become aware of these dynamics we begin to realize we are really trying to balance our own masculine and feminine energies within ourselves and in doing so we balance the external automatically.
We are truly seeking the True Self which is ultimately the energy of the Divine Creator of Life itself and to become of the True Sovereign Beings we know we are in our hearts but do not express in this physical form.
This leads us to the next Triad of Words and their resonance…
Self Love – Feminine
Self Nurturing – Masculine
Self Appreciation – Recognizing the Light

The shadows for these are once again in order… Hatred – Abuse – Lack of Self Esteem

What we realize here is that as children we were programmed against or deprived of these energies and in turn many of us did the same to our children.

If our mothers could not show us love we felt unworthy and a hatred towards ourselves began to grow. When our fathers were absent or could not accept nurturing as their power of protection within themselves they accepted abuse as normal.
Each of these creating a sense of powerlessness which was counter intuitive to Self Esteem and so we became defiant and aggressive before we could ever understand the concept.

Now we are the ones who must change all this for the next seven generations as the children being born now are genetically different and their DNA is more advanced than ours. They will look for those who speak the truth, exhibit kindness and protect trust.
They are of the next triad…
Purity – Feminine
Innocence – Masculine
Regeneration – Human Evolution

They represent Sender – Receiver – Soul
God Ss Source – We Are Love – We Are In Love

When we are in love
kindness and respect are natural
Kindness is the language of Love
Respect is Love in action

Charlie Riverman Bergeron