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Stand Up

Who Are You and will you please stand up, be seen and be heard.

Not as the critic of everything that is wrong with the world for we all know what is wrong.
We have for far too long allowed so many greedy and selfish humans tell us what to think and how to act.


So when then, will be your day of freedom. I mean true freedom to align with your heart in its beautiful unified field of energy.

Open your minds to your Heart and begin to listen once again.
Put away all those toys of destruction which falsely make you feel safe.

Life is not safe, it is not always comforting.

Atlantic Ocean.JPG

It is the Ocean which is raw, treacherous and yet can be a blessing of amazing abundance.

We in these bodies are the vessels which set sail from birth into this watery vastness.

We are the captains who are in charge of the safety of our crew and have a responsibility to all others we may encounter in our voyages.

Your responsibility is to live in respect rather than to conquer and possess.

Reclaim your powerful presence as one drop of water in the ocean of life…
one cell in the body of humanity.

Respect yourself once again as the powerful influential being you truly are in the co-creation of a more cohesive and beneficent planetary existence.

Be seen… Be heard… Be You without fear

I Love You
I Thank You
I Respect You

Charlie Riverman Bergeron