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Show PosterFriday the 13th seems quite an appropriate time to reveal oneself to the world and it wasn’t a thought until after I began the talk that morning.

The topic and title came the day before after spending a couple of hours in the basement of a Rectory with a plumber who began quoting verses from the Bible with a deep and honest understanding and passion that is rarely heard these days.

It wasn’t preaching but an honest love for the truths which he had come to understand and weave into his daily life.

It prompted me to share with him parts of my journey through what is referred to as a Near Death Experience.  So we spent the time while he worked at his trade sharing these deeply personal truths that very seldom venture out of our mouths.

And as I usually do these Heart to Heart talks without much preparation, I was given the title the night before by my Guides – Opening Your Heart To Truth

My talks on Humanity Healing Network have been a bit a of challenge as I try to learn how and what to do with a brain that was injured 26 years ago and was rewired so as not to be able to use it to manipulate others through memory. Yet for these first 7 weeks I have plodded along and tried to figure it all out.

Well, as I said Friday the 13th was my day to totally let it all go and just be the Truth of what I AM.
Such a relief to get on the air and make mistakes and still let the words flow from deep within my multi-dimensional self without fear or trying to say what I though was acceptable to people listening.

I spoke just like I did in the rectory basement… in Truth without Fear.
I encourage each of you to deepen your relationship within yourself.
So that you can also stand up and speak from that Divine Center of your Heart.
As it is time to both Open Our Hearts and Speak Truth from them in honesty and integrity for the upliftment of all.

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