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Morning Peace

Many of you have become aware of the #MeToo wave of energy that is resonating across Social Media in regards to harassment and sexual predation.

Originally brought up and out by the latest notorious sexual predator Harvey Weinstein and his years of damage to women in Hollywood.

I want to share with you a facebook post I read this morning from a male friend whom I met last Summer at a River Blessing and expresses so much of what I and many have to say and feel.

Good morning! I just want to acknowledge what happened yesterday. It’s important if we are to change the rape culture that women be listened to, heard, believed with compassion.
Men must search our souls for damages done, crimes committed, injustices done.
Women are not there for the taking. Women are human beings. To be loved honored and cherished.
Men must learn to control their feelings and impulses.
I want to just say thank you, from me, for sharing your experiences. I am feeling the massive weight that you have felt all your life, by having these horrendous shocking things done to you and then having to keep silent about if. For fear of retaliation, or not being believed, or dismissed, or fear of being ostracized.
There was is nothing wrong with you.
There is everything wrong with a sexualized patriarchal white male privileged society when men get away with these inhuman actions.
Thank you for sharing. It took courage and faith and the support of the sisterhood.
Well I am in support as well. I listen and believe and want this culture to change.
When we come to the table to talk, it must be safe for you to speak. Even when you are angry. You have every right to be angry.
We must listen and feel to the best of our capability, and then some, what it must have been like for you. How it has affected your entire lives. How nothing is looked at quite the same again. How innocence is lost- not because of you, but because men thought they had the right to just take what they want, without regard to consequence or thinking of how a woman is feeling in that moment, and for the rest of her life.
I feel the injustice.
I feel the pain of humanity ( huwomanity)
It feels terrible. By speaking out, I hope that healing can occur. Silence is a deadly killer.
And I hope men can heal from this.
Did you see the responses?!?!
Men what can you do for your part? You don’t need to fix the whole culture. Start with you. What can you improve or change?
Who can you talk to?
Who can you address knowing that person is sexually abusive to women?
It’s the whole spectrum. Sexist jokes. Innuendos. Placing hands where they don’t belong with our permission.
Men think about what you have to do to protect yourself from sexual harassment or tape. What are the daily steps you have to take to prevent harm coming to you, physically or emotionally? For the most part – nothing.
What do women have to do? The list is endless. Every single day.

Please let this be an education for all of us.
Now is the time to listen with compassion. We are responsible for this.
And we are responsible to change this culture.
Let’s all come to the table and talk and listen and change.

With love,
Jim Flavin

This crime against humanity needs to be openly discussed and is an underlying cause of so much destruction.
So I thank you Jim as not only women have had there lives damaged by this behavioral disease, many of us men have as well.

#MeToo can be said by many men as well…
They have been victims of sexual predators and many have become predators themselves as their anger and pain eats away at their hearts and traps their Soul.

As one who remembers his own molestation and rape and has brought to Light my own lifelong suffering as a childhood victim. I honor each of you as you read this and understand your pain.
Sixty years after my first recollection I can still recall those unpleasant memories but now I can offer my perpetrators and myself forgiveness. I can try to understand their pain and suffering but it is in releasing them to their own suffering that I claim my own sovereignty back.
The ability to trust and have intimate relationships which were destroyed by their actions are now no longer the walls that contain me. There is Freedom from this yet we will never forget.
Even after dying and returning it is not fully erased, as this trauma is connected to the trauma of the lifetimes of all humans and is deeply rooted in our collective DNA.

And so, it is now being raised to the collective conscious awareness of all so that we may begin to shift and end it for all future generations and live in Peace and Balance once again.

Let us now join at the Heart and Honor each other by not seeking vengeance so much, but understanding that victimization however it is carried out, is truly much deeper than where it appears.
It is rooted deep within our Gene Codes and will be transmuted as we bring it to the Light and honestly, yet reluctantly begin to no longer deny it or dismiss it in its many forms.

We Are the Ones We have been waiting for.

Thank You Jim – Your Light Is Seen
Much Peace, Light and Love to you all
Charlie Riverman Bergeron