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Equinox Blessings 2018

Blessings to All My Relations…
May you feel Our Mother Earth radiating Her Love
to All of Her Children…

May you see our Tree families preparing for change
May you hear the songs of our Bird families
May you taste the Water and it be pure

May each of your hearts feel the balance of Light which illumines
the sacred respect for all life forms
whether winged , two-legged, four-legged , swimming or crawling
those who speak loudly or not at all

The balancing of all aspects of ourselves is now more than ever
a critical part of what we are here to do as Living Light,
contained within human bodies.
Therefore I ask each of you to slow down today,
to feel the cosmic and divine wisdom which is contained in this Earth cycle
which we have been experiencing since our first incarnation on this Blue Planet,
and shines so brilliantly as a Garden of Creation.

May each of us gather in our hearts and send blessings to each other,
to our ancestors, to our children and their future children.
Let us remember we are all One family
although we may not fully recognize it in the forms we have chosen to express.

Look at the fingers of your hands…
They do not recognize each other
yet they also do no try to rule or hinder each other
They work best when in agreement and show no aspects of greed
Each one has unique abilities and expressions and important functions
They work best when both hands are balanced in their efforts for the whole

May We You Be Balanced
and We
Be The Best We Can Be

Blessings of Peace, Light and Love
Charlie Riverman Bergeron