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2016_03_10_1132_cRbOn My Presence of Light Talk this past Friday I was not really sure what I would talk about which is pretty much usual for me. Having been guided for the past 26 years by my Higher Spirit Self it has been always a challenge to the mind of which we deem rational thinking.

My death and return from Light opened many ways of communication which most would look at as bizarre if not down right scary. Even my beloved of over 30 years has learned how to tune me out in order to retain her individual 3D life agreement and honor our Soul relationship.

So here we are “All Of Us” living now in a dimension of existence that is rapidly shifting… Sometimes wonderful and at others calling our fears to rise and be seen as the illusions they are.
Allowing higher frequencies of Light to now become stabilized while creating an amazing field of instability in our perception.

As certainly as my mind works in strange ways, I began to wonder what my talk was going to be about. The first topic that came to mind was our multidimensionality and how fascinating and deep that subject could be.

So as I went and started looking up different aspects of that … I realized that this is a topic which multidimensional in and of itself and might be a bit too much to bite into.

Diamonds of Life

Then I realized that today is also 3:16 and I was reminded of the biblical passage in the Gospel of John about God’s love being expressed eternally through our believing in his Son Jesus.

This is truly an expression of Love and as well the concept of Eternal Life… which are both for me Multidimensional.

So as the Sun rises over the trees behind me and I catch its light dancing on the backboard of my desk there is the flickering of hope, much like the hope of a flickering candle in the dark that all is well.

It reminds me that Light is loving energy and transcends impermanence.

May Light Surround You.JPG

When we look at the numbers 316 and realize that we are in the energies of the new moon I thought I would look up the numbers 316 for some meanings.

The number three represents growth, expansion, optimism and enthusiasm.

The number one is much the same representing optimism, intuition, inspiration, self-leadership, and assertiveness as well as new beginnings and progress.

The number six represents our material aspects of living or worldliness, love and nurturing, service, responsibility, honesty and integrity, grace and gratitude.

So here we are gathered on this particular morning with this beautiful message of how we are each messengers of light in a world of darkness. All of us alike and living in various forms of multidimensionality, mentally, physically, spiritually and energetically.

It doesn’t matter whether we understand all of this completely but it is imperative that we practice becoming better at all of this as humans. Each of us have a role we are playing in reflecting both light and love from the depths of our most high heart and to live with an outstretched hand to assist those who are stuck, frozen, drowning, and asking to feel that eternal love of the source of our being.

Here is where each of us are now facing many of our own struggles,
In order to help others we have to help ourselves.
In order to heal others we need to heal ourselves.
And in order to do that, we have to have a guidance system that tells us that something greater than ourselves Loves us and it “Is Us”.

The darkness of the New Moon which is happening now is not only a part of the physical world but part of our spiritual world as well. It is always a time of inner awareness which promotes self-reflection which can be illumination or despair. How we choose to navigate the darkness becomes manifestation as the light returns to the sky.

Here is a quote from A Course In Miracles, “I will there be light. Darkness is not my will”
as well as this wonderful one from Lesson 73 – I Will There Be Light

I will there be Light

With Gratitude to Unknown Photographer

It is interesting how we are now at this point in our conscious evolution which is marrying sacred texts and quantum reality into this magical elixir which is flowing forth from the divine.
Both are blessing and gracing us with an understanding of how Eternal Life is not a fictional part of existence but it is the totality the sacred Christ Energy which each of us contain within the deepest chambers of our divine heart.

So with all that is written above and the links below to the Presence Of Light Talk I gave on 3.16.18 please have an amazing week aligning your hearts within all that is Truth as you become more aware of the amazing beings you truly are.


Presence Of Light 3.16.18 – Humanity Healing Video