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Sacred Oak 2018-03-27.jpg

Where is the end of life my friend
as you stand before me
and talk to me as if I were alive
surely you see only remnants
of my former amazing self

Oh Grandmother Oak it is I
the one who knows your blueprint
that places his hand upon you
to remember the many breezes
blowing through your arms

We have always lived, you and I
each in so many forms and worlds
for there is only creation repeating in form
and what seems like death is only
the body in which we dwell

Our ancestors have long disappeared
and our progeny are still surviving
here we can still cherish these moments
along the river in the change of seasons
where our days grow both longer and shorter

Oh how these simple moments are so divine
as we reflect upon all we have seen and done
being together and knowing that we will
always acknowledge each other
in all that lifetimes offer us to experience

And when the world of words falls silent
we will be able to share the energies
flowing much like the river before us
without any interference once again
returning to the source of creation

~ Riverman