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Soulogy Show

It has been a busy week and I just want to wrap it up as the energies of next week build new moments to embrace.

I was invited to speak on Todd Medina’s Facebook Live show Soulogy about 3 or 4 weeks ago as a person who was willing to express publicly his journey of what we lovingly call Awakening.

My journey was a Death Experience in 1991 which led me to receive the name Riverman and which has changed the way I interact with all life forms.

Many who know me personally have never really heard this part of my story and some who just have just dismiss it as … “that’s Charlie”  and dismiss it all.

For those who might be interested I will post the link the MP3 version of our talk below as in the video I was filmed upside-down for the entire show.
My computer camera failed and I decided it was a perfect representation of my re-entry into my body and this 3D world.

However it was probably a bit disturbing for many to watch which was also perfect.

Never lose your sense of humor my Angels have always told me… stay loose and trust the guidance you are given… the real you will understand and in that moment We are Co-Creating as One.

Soulogy Talk with Charlie Riverman and Todd Medina MP3

Light of New Dawn


Blessing of Peace, Light and Love