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Thank you Great Creator for your Gracious Presence.

May you for always hear us
in the moments of our despair.

Today We come to ask
for the restoration of our magnificence
both individually and collectively
as We move forward on our evolutionary path.

Each one of us are questioning everything
seeking wise guidance and the proper tools
that will assist us in following your guidance
Let it be We who bring restoration
to a new level of meaningfulness
wherein Peace, Light and Love
flow in a better balance and harmony

May it be the co-creative restorative process
that inspires others into seeking
moments of positive action for all life forms
whether We understand them as living or not.

Let Restoration begin within our own living presence
opening the passageways for Inner Joy
to become manifest
and offered with Love to All.

May We Lead from within our hearts
to help renew all of our commitments
with the re-balancing of all that has become unstable
both within and around us globally

As the restoration process removes
the distortion and scarring of centuries
within ourselves
Let us also reach out to all children as leaders

Showing them how restoration
is more than just a healing of our present wounds
it is also an awakening to what is needed in their future.

So Together Today
We Ask for renewal and strength within ourselves
We Ask for a better understanding of the qualities of leadership –
both ours and others
We ask for encouragement and inspiration for
all future generations.

In order that we correct the errors and heal the wounds of the past
Renewing our commitment to live in a more Unified Future of Humanity.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.4.21