I have two messages on my desktop post it notes that I need to place together. One is from today and the other one I’m not sure of but has been there for a while and keeps calling my attention to it.

So let me place the present with the past and move beyond both of them…

Today in a telephone conversation I said I had to copy down these words that I heard coming from my mouth.

I Am clearer now more than I have ever been and seek (continue) to become clearer every day.

At least that is how I’m remembering it now as time fades away the memory.

The other was either a response I never posted or part of a thought I was working on.

If there is one constant message that keeps arising since the anchoring of energies it has been this one.
Everything is like a review in which I can observe past reactions and connections and then choose a better result that aligns with a new consciousness.
It is as if I were casting the past into the wake of my forward expansion,
knowing I will never see the same way again,
as if all were just a dream.

Strangeness has become my comforter lately.
Long gone are the days in which I wondered how everything would turn out.
Behind me are the thousands of questions that have too many answers.
I live from one synchronous moment to the next, each building upon the other.

So many of us are awakening to something that feels somehow, that it was always there but unreachable, distant or vague. Could it just be Clarity!

cRb 4.24.15