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Almost Paradise

Almost Paradise 8/2/19

Welcome to today’s Super New Moon

A Moon of Opportunity

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Video Replay on Presence of Light – YouTube
Original Broadcast on Humanity Healing Facebook

Good Morning beloveds and May you all embrace the LOVE energies which are coming in with this Super Moon.

As my message to the world last night I wrote on facebook…
Lets Dance Our Way into the New Moon filling Our Hearts with Joy.

Let's Dance.png

Just after arising this morning I was called to looked at my cell phone for the time…
Yup, the exact time of the New Moon. 6:37 AM

Most of you know by now, how I Love synchronicity!!!
There it was once again as a reminder that We are never not connected to the Highest Source of ourselves and All who are willing to communicate with us at those more expansive levels.


If there ever was a time for us to hear that We Are Loved… It Is Now.

The world around us appears to be headed on a very steep journey of darkness much like the night sky.
Yet what appears in that darkness are so many Beautiful Lights.
Every Star in the Dark sky is a reminder of who We truly are and how powerful Our Light is.

Enter the Love Song lyrics of Almost Paradise from Foot Loose (1984) (Mike Reno)
Almost paradise
We’re knocking on heaven’s door
Almost paradise
How could we ask for more?”

It seems like perfect love’s so hard to find
I’d almost given up, you must have read my mind
And all these dreams I saved for a rainy day
They’re finally coming true, I’ll share them all with you
‘Cause now we hold the future in our hands

As I read the lyrics these particular lines struck a very familiar chord with me.

That WE are right now defying the powers of those who think they rule us…
by keeping Our Hearts Opened and increasing Our Light and Love
in spite of the pain and suffering they are creating to keep us in fear

I encourage you all to dance and sing as your hearts fill with the flowing energies of Paradise

Amazing Times are here and the children of the World
are watching and waiting for the signal that their family is still here.
Let’s show them who We really are.

Be the person in your family or neighborhood who steps up
to express the Joy and Laughter of Paradise

Okay so how about the Numbers…
The numbers 637 break down to the number 7…

Collective Consciousness
Spiritual Enlightenment
Inner Strength

Soul Mission
Life Purpose

What if we were to focus more on moving forward rather than dwelling in and releasing the pass…

Let us co-create a brand new Collective Consciousness which places Our Soul Missions first.

Let us make Spiritual Enlightenment Our Life Purpose

Let us gather Our Inner Strength and share it with others through Inspiration

Let us Manifest better communication at all levels of our interactions with all life.

We have just moved into a new field of energy
which many will explain in many ways
yet it not the explanation of it that will create anything

It will be Our Willingness to utilize every instant and wave of it
to Be the Creator Beings We Truly Are
Holding the Future in Our Hands
On Our Way To Re-establish Paradise
Here On Our Beautiful Planet Earth

Remember that You are Spirit in human form
You are Light that cannot be diminished
You Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For

Charlie Riverman Bergeron  9.3.19