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Encouragement and Acceptance

Encouragement and Acceptance 8.23.19

Let’s start with what time I was awakened this morning… 3:21AM

My interpretations are inspired by Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers
#3 – Is Creative Self-expression with enthusiasm and an optimistic communication of Hope.
#2 – Adds Faith and Trust along with a sensitivity to others being encouraged and finding happiness.
#1 – Is about New Beginnings and starting new endeavors through instinct and intuition.

The complete number 321 was a direct message to me:
… a blessing in many ways, of confirmation and of recognition
… to not lose faith in what I have been intending or doing in areas of my higher alignment
… as well as the message to encourage others who are breaking free of old patterns to keep going.

Begin Again
So let’s talk about encouragement…

Right now in our evolutionary journey we are in deep need of encouragement.
The world we have known appears to be falling apart or is being intentionally destroyed around us.

Many people I talk to are never a few words away from speaking about something unpleasant or negative in some form or manner.

Noticing this myself as well, I do not stand apart from each of you in this process.

These are extremely challenging times for us all to endure, yet on some higher level many of us chose to be here and to be of service to others during this rising of the sovereign Self within us all.

You may hear me talk of ‘Our Sovereign Self’ many times and It is really about
the Truth of the Light and Love We Are when we move our awareness beyond all our human judgments and analytical processing.

The question for me and all of us is… Even though we know or are beginning to open up to the reality that we exist at that Higher Level… how can each of us express it more in our everyday lives.

This leads to the first card I drew from the Sacred Space Meditation Cards…
“The great spirit of Universal wisdom fills my soul.
As I accept the insight and knowledge, I realize my unique potential.”

The big question now is how are we to express this acceptance?

Most of us have and are suffering in some form or other, from the traumas of our everyday existence here on planet Earth.
These are also further compounded by a genetic predisposition we have inherited from our ancestors.

Our Unique Potential is buried deeply within Our Hearts hidden behind many locked vaults that we refuse to open and remove, because of their horrifying stench.

Well as I started off with my own message this morning… It is time to “break free and keep going”

Here We are … All of Us… shifting our thoughts and patterns to attune with the Oneness of the Universe, Goddess, Creator.

Imagine how much Wisdom and Understanding can be manifested if each of us attempt to allow ourselves the freedom to do this.

Our Faith and Trust will expand…
Our Hope and Self-expression will encourage others…
and We will begin to see the fruits of our labors which will spur us on into deeper and more powerful aspects of our unlimited selves.

In closing I offered this amazing poem which struck me as very apropos as many times I feel like I Am melting and being folded back into my innocence and beauty.

Melting by Ilie Cioara

The Universe and I are “One”,

In the “now”, always.

The lived momentum leaves,

The free mind is Empty.

Neither past, nor future;

They cease moving arbitrarily.

The Aliveness of Life, in this moment,

Creates no reactions in me.

I see, listen and live authentically,

I become whole through Love;

In this state,

The whole being is pure.

Boundless happiness

Without images;

It is encountered in fact

In absolute silence.

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