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New Beginnings and Earthworms

New Beginnings and Earthworms|
Show Notes 12.6.19

As I awoke this morning the number 636 was flowing through my head and it wasn’t the current time.
What pray tell has it in store for us to tap into?

The Number 636
The first 6, is about growing or nurturing
The number 3, adds positivity and passion
The second 6, brings in our positive humanitarian compassion

The title of today’s talk New Beginnings is really about my own challenges of being on the cusp of a dramatic shift in consciousness.
Not just as an individual but as the whole collective species we call Human.

This starting of a new relationship or job is never really easy at its onset.
It takes us a good while to reconfirm within ourselves a deeper faith in our abilities.

Many questions continually arise from our ego mind which seem to undermine whatever forward motion we seem to make. So we need to continually calm the mind down as it presents every reason why…
WE should not move forward in Our Conscious Evolution.

After dealing with this little mind chat this morning, I decided to pull an Animal Spirit Card.

Earthworm – Animal Spirit Guidebook – Kim Kraus

The earthworm indicates a newbie or novice working to establish confidence in a new field.”

This card reminds us to not lose hope or become doubtful of our abilities.

The Earthworm is known as an “ecosystem engineer” as they “modify the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil profile”in which they live.
These modifications affect the habitat of all living organisms within their environment.

For most of us who no longer work in nature, the Earthworm is not considered to be very important of have much influence in our now high tech lives.

We have forgotten how the original blueprint of Planet Earth was created to function as a complete system whose only requirements were a merely a balancing of basic elements and energies.

So this card of the Earthworm reminds us to look at the Beginner Mind…

One definition of Beginner’s Mind, refers to …
“having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and freedom from preconceptions when approaching anything.”
“Beginner’s mind is actually the space where the mind does not know what to do. It is that delicious state when you are sure of nothing, yet completely fearless, totally available to the moment.” – Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Many times in our lives we receive that premonition of change and feel a bit vulnerable.
Yet if we can tap into that ‘Beginner’s Mind’ and see it as a clean slate upon which to write a new chapter of Our Purpose in innocence and without judgment from past experiences, We will begin to see the opportunities more clearly.

We also need to look at how the Earthworm moves through its process of modification as it does not change its structure but utilizes it as the vehicle in which it delivers its transformative powers to the world around it.

So the deeper message for me and us all today is to move forward in alignment with Our True Divine Inner Purpose, not in a frenzy but slowly and methodically.
Knowing that Within Our Hearts lie All the answers that the mind needs to learn.

May We All become Earth Worms with Beginner Minds

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.6.19