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Kindness Flows.png

Good Day to All… And Highest Blessings!!!

Kindness Flows From A Balanced Heart
The Full Expression
Of Our Sacred Alignment

Acknowledging That
The Wellspring Of Our Sovereignty
Can Never Run Dry
Yet At Times May Barely Trickle

Our Inner Self-Balance Is Critical
Not Just Now, But Always, And In All Ways
For It Is Then That

As I came out of  the dream-time early this morning my thoughts were a bit unpleasant and distorted. They were revolving, or at times rapidly spinning, around past traumas and negative self-judgments.

This is familiar territory for all of us, yet not a very enterprising way to begin our day. For some this is a very common experience and very challenging to face each day, yet I write about it now as a surprise visitation.

As disturbing as this arising of negative past experiences is for us all, and my energetic impulses from them are not pleasant, on another level I see them as a gift from a very much younger/former self to be released forever.

ME vs I AM
It is from the ‘I AM’ that Kindness flows forth and the ‘ME’ which is seeking compassion and understanding becomes the recipient.

So this morning’s message was really about our beginning to understand that as We put focus on Balancing Our Hearts the little ‘me’ is given permission to fade away and allows for inner healing.

The Blessing in this at first is an unpleasant experience, yet it becomes not only healing but a greater ability to share Kindness with others. It manifests within us first, then becomes the gift of accessing and accepting Our True Nature of Beingness that allows ALL to heal their wounds.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.8.19