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Gifts Of The Spirit

Gifts Of The Spirit – Show Notes 3.6.20

Within You there is an Amazing Gift

Today’s topic was brought up through The Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Elinor Von Linden…
Gifts of the Spirit
“I live in harmony and love.
I feel the Blessings of the Creator.
I open my life to the All Powerful”

Which was followed by the Soul Inspirations Message Cards by Kahliya / Mia Leventhal
I forgive
I release
I Am in Peace

Both of those are powerful messages as we move forward in Our Human Journey.
As we look around us there is great upheaval in many forms. There are so many who are suffering and being challenged daily.
Perhaps you are facing a great deal of that energy in your own lives.

You are not alone which doesn’t help much to recognize, but actually tends to make us feel more helpless at times.

So where are these Gifts of the Spirit which today’s topic we have within us.
They actually are waiting patiently within us for the moment in which we can surrender thinking minds to what WE TRULY ARE.

Beautiful and amazing beings of Peace, Light and Love.

I pulled a Kuan Yin Oracle Card from Alana Fairchild which is titled…

Reveal The Peacock Beauty

The beauty of the peacock is breathtaking, with stunning lush color unfolding in graceful and proud display.

You too are a great beauty, beloved.

Within you resides a glorious divine being of beautiful light, with an ability to create, as your divine birthright.

The Peacock Beauty speaks to you of your creative energies rising to sublime, inspired new levels as you are accessing the power of your throat chakra for higher creation.

Your intentions, decisions and particularly your words, are becoming more powerful.

Enjoy the wise use of this growing creative potency to express the beauty within you, asking for Divine Blessing on all your plans, projects and words.”

I ask you to answer these simple yet challenging questions…

What is beautiful to your Heart?

What brings you to a sense of balance and harmony?

Can you surrender to the Universe?

Can you embrace patience and follow your intuition?

The key to all of those questions and desires is to Let Go Of Fear.

The greatest fear of humanity is to truly step into Our Divine Spirit Self and fully express it.

This is the threshold we cross to bring forth the Gifts of the Spirit
Simply put We are Liberating Our True Self which has been held captive and hidden away underneath many illusions.

The Act of Liberation

What is Liberation…Inquiring into the nature of one’s self that is in bondage, and realizing one’s true nature is liberation.”

– Sri Ramana Maharshi / Who Am I

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