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Gratefulness And Empowerment

Gratefulness and Empowerment MP3…

Gratefulness And Empowerment – Show Notes

Today let us gather into Our Hearts the energetic frequencies of Gratefulness and Empowerment.

Many may question how our gratitude would have the ability to empower us, especially in these most challenging times. I even wondered about these words that came into my mind as I began to prepare for today’s talk.

As I looked for confirmation, the Kuan Yin Oracle Deck on my shelf called to me, and I drew card number 41.

The number 41 represents the power we have to manifest very positive outcomes to all of the distorted thoughts and results we may have created in our past.

4 – Being of Service and Devotion

1 – Our Achievement and Manifestation


The Kuan Yin Oracle Card by Alana Fairchild card reads as follows…

To The Celestial Mountain

“There are times when divine energy is needed to help us achieve our spiritual goals. When you do not feel completely in control of your destiny, the divine is usually gifting you with an opportunity to reach for assistance and to invoke divine power, to call to the celestial mountain so that you might be gifted with a far superior outcome. Your permission to beings that love you unconditionally to offer you help is an expression of spiritual empowerment, you empower those forces to come to your aid and help you manifest your life purpose and destiny.”


In this moment of Our Evolution, We have the most exceptional opportunity to honor and re-create Heaven On Earth.

What does that truly mean to you?

Can it be just a dream or wild fantasy that is not achievable except in a child’s mind?

Or perhaps what is playing out in the world around us is so painful or harmful that we cannot envision how powerful we truly are.

The card I pulled next is from the Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Elinor von Linden…

Imagine The Possibilities

“As I merge with my higher self, I am open to endless possibilities, and I am truly blessed.”


I know We can access and bring through thoughts of Divine Purity.

We all receive messages that align with the highest potential for humanity as a collective whole. However, there is a part of us that quickly dismisses them, and we deny Our gratitude and ability to empower others with their teachings.

This practice keeps us from standing in Our True Sovereign Power as children of Peace, Light and Love. It keeps us playing out the victim role rather than Our True Creator role, which is needed right now to reinforce the forward momentum of evolution.

There is no life in a machine or artificial intelligence.

There is no mercy in laws that do not respect all of Nature’s life forces.

There is no gratitude or empowerment in a world which cannot honor its full capability to align within the Field of Creation rather than one of destruction, pain and suffering.

I encourage everyone to take a deeper look into your own heart and know the power that exists within it, an amazing energy designed to be a positive and creative force fueled by Gratitude.

Journey to the Celestial Mountain

I encourage everyone to take more moments of your day and sit quietly in Nature.

Envision a Celestial Mountain, where Harmony and Balance trickle into your consciousness, like Water flowing from a mountain spring into your heart.

As that Spring Water fills your heart, allow it to rise into your 3rd eye and feel it pulsing in rhythm with your heartbeat.

Allow that Water to enter your mind and cleanse away all thoughts of who you are or where you are in a very calming and caring way.

You are recognized here

You are safe here

You are home here

You are grateful here

You are empowered here

as the Divine Being, you indeed and truly are

Do not believe for a moment that you are not loved or that asking for help is a sign of weakness.

You are here to acknowledge that you are not only a human, you are also here to remember that you are powerful and never alone.

Your power, love, and energy is flowing from the Source of Life.

There has never been any separation except in the two halves of our human mind. We are divided only in our human thoughts and physical expression.

Let us return slowly now, into our physical presence and awareness,
let us be gentle as we return with the precious gift of Empowerment.

Once we are fully grounded, let us offer Gratitude to the Celestial Mountains, where those who love us unconditionally are always awaiting our arrival.

Let us also extend gratitude and respect toward each other, knowing that we are individually placed worldwide and come from different cultures and ancient teachings.

Yet again in the Celestial Mountains, there is only One language, Unconditional Love, which cannot be misused in any form as it is the Source of Our Creation.


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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8.7.20