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Embracing & Releasing Aggravation

Grand Rising everyone, it is another beautiful day in the life of mother earth and each of us.  

Every day that we arise we are facing a blank page and we never know what we will write on it.

When I open my eyes in the morning I am always filled with a sense of gratitude. There is a humbled sense of the words thank you that arise within me.

Yet it does not take long for the day to shift and change that sense of gratefulness and I never know in which direction it will flow.

Each of us experience this in many ways however today I want to speak about aggravation.

How it is easy for us to get caught up in a mental energy field which offers us resistance rather than a peaceful wavelike rhythm.
Our mental capacity to process energy at times becomes very stubborn and rock-like, then at others it’s as if has it has no defense at all and becomes an open gateway that floods us with thoughts that are overwhelming to our holistic system.

Each of us handle this in different ways!

Let’s all take a deep breath now and remember how easy it is to get off track by a simple word being said or something not working out for you in a manner you desire.

Pretty funny isn’t it? That we can create and accomplish so many amazing things that our ancestors would not understand at all and yet we can le tiny waves of distorted energy ruin our relationships with each other and bring us back into what would be called savage behavior.

So here we are entering a new month and a waning moon. A time when we can tap into the energies of gratitude and sharing. Yet we may wake up and feel totally frustrated.

Today’s message of embracing and releasing is partially inspired by a card from Soul Inspirations Message Cards By Kahliya
Release the Density

Release the original experience

Heal in Stillness

Embrace Forgiveness

Elevate Your Vibration

Connect to your Power

Stand Tall

Create & Manifest



-Mia Leventhal

The picture on the card is of Water falling into a larger pool of Water from a place that could be moss laden rocks.

The synchronicity of this card was pulled as I sought release from the frustration of computer software not responding in the way it was designed to.
We all know what that feels like.

Yet I looked at the frustration and realized that I was not powerless.
That my emotional energy was only reacting to a program that had been implanted in my brain.
I was not my brain… it was a expressional part of me… not in charge of me.

Back to the Water

The first article I read this morning before my getting upset guided me to copy these two sentences I’m having to assume are by the Author Brandon Bays as I could not get to the original writing of them.

“River does not hammer against the rocks in order to get them out of its way. It just flows around the obstacles and keeps on its journey.”

“we simply feel them as we experience them, then keep on sailing down the River of life until the next waterfall or bunch of rocks in the stream. And then we repeat the process: experience, feel the emotion, let go, end sail on by to the next adventure.”

While looking for the original source of those two excerpts the Water spoke again.

“A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” – James N. Watkins

The word Embracing in the title of today’s talk is about upholding ourselves in Love within Our Heart. Acknowledging that positive choices are free to make and deploy.

The word Releasing is to remind us that the action of releasing is less painful when We act like Water and continue downstream, beyond the aggravation. Committing ourselves to the flow and positive possibilities we will move into.

The word that began this journey this morning is of course Aggravation.

We are all going to spend a part of our lives in some state of frustration. The message is to no allow it to advance into aggravation.

Frustration has a short timeline and is not directed at anyone.

Aggravation, however, makes everything worse than it originally was and seeks to set blame in place.

We are all aware of the words Aggravated Assault and need to accept that when we are expressing even a small level of aggravation it has the potential to expand to that level. However the assault will be on ourselves. So let us recognize quickly when our energies are rising to levels of discomfort and take a few deep breaths or go for a short walk to give the energy a safe outlet.

Then say Thank You to your Inner Self for acknowledging honoring it as your True Self.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.2.21

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