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Show Notes from 11/19/21
Rising in Light and Joy

Blessings to everyone worldwide as we witnessed another fantastic galactic event that doesn’t happen again for many lifetimes.

As I awoke this morning, I could only catch the last of the Partial Eclipse of the Moon to witness the beautiful coloring as she faded on her journey below the horizon.

I then went back to sleep, feeling thankful for that precious moment.

Each one of us, at this moment, is seeking something better for ourselves and our planet. We are also dealing with a collective awakening to damaging our world and ourselves over the past six centuries.

I am feeling a great sense of hope rather than fear. As I look at our human history, I see all that we have become aware of and is available to us, right now, to bring back balance and harmony.

The Sun and Moon are perfect examples of balance and harmony in their orbital patterns. So too, we as humans are in many ways not only evolving but revolving as our DNA’s double-stranded helix.

Many of us will choose to cling to our old patterns of thinking and behavior while more and more will let them slip away in the future history books, then be banned or destroyed by those who do not want the truth to be known.

It seems pretty odd to compare ourselves to the Universe and the principles under which it evolves; however, each new human revelation is exposed within the revolving of the Sun and our DNA.

The macro and the micro are not separated much like the Yin and Yang symbol.

Nor are humans separated from Mother Earth just because they can move independently.

We are the guardians of Mother Earth, who have lost their way and called back to the Heart Center where there is no confusion or imbalanced duality.

Love becomes Light, and Joy is reflected in balance cycles like the Sun and the Moon.

So today, as we embrace our future, let us let go of the past emotional attitudes and negative drama. Let us envision having crossed a timeline in the galactic calendar where it is safe to let go of the past and begin again.

Much like our ancestors did repeatedly when Mother Earth changed the shape of her surface.

This is the history of humanity moment where we can come together once again to prepare an existence of balance and harmony for our future generations.

Let this Eclipse be a starting point for us to seek what is best for all life. The abundance of dollars or bitcoins will not sustain life; it drains life energy by creating fear and struggle to achieve the True Joy, which is as simple as waking up to see the Moon set or the Sun rising.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.19.21