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Action or Activation

This morning’s first card for me was Action and was a picture of the Orion Nebula.

It reminds me of how small yet connected all of us are to what we like to call the heavens.

The Sacred Space Meditation Card – ACTION

“I know Source has given me intuition and Divine guidance. I act for my good and the good of others.”

It brought forward the need that many of us feel right now to step into action, perhaps to move in a new direction.

WE are always evolving, so even if we do not move, there is constant action taking place deep within our emotional and physical bodies.

This inner makes me focus on how activation is actually more of what is needed at this point in our evolution.

What does it take to activate us became the big question?

If we genuinely knew, would it actually inspire us, or would we post it on the refrigerator and pass by it much like the thoughts we pass by every moment.

Some suggestive thoughts from the card are…

I take charge

I do not worry

I will help others

I will act to heal injustice

All of this is pointing out that we all have very similar thoughts as to how we could co-create a better living situation for ourselves and others as a collective humanity.

Yet when we are isolated and in fear, our thoughts tend to manifest as retaliation or only as a response. Then it becomes a reaction rather than an action.

This is a War Against Ourselves, and we are now become quite good at knowing when we are in it.

Activation takes us to look deeper within our hearts and sincerely ask why we allow ourselves to be bullied by others, especially those we have put in power over us.

The world is filled with them, and even history shows us how civilizations collapse through their greed and selfishness.

They all will tell us it is for our own good and that it is Essential.

We all can use a little time right now to deepen into what we are becoming aware of.

Let us not commit to so too things that make us feel our needs to be seen and heard. Choose them carefully, and if you are always fighting against time, take a moment to stop and look at them.

We all have gifts to offer the world that, when aligned, work miracles. However, when just gathered in large bowls becomes annoying to many.

Take time now to ask yourself what actions you might like to take and how you might activate them.

Knowing that you have more significant potential to align with others and remain individually sincere with them if you fully support yourself from within your Heart.

There is an old saying my eighth-grade teacher told a boy who was almost three times taller than her when he became angry with her.

“I want you to remember something… The bigger you are, the harder you fall.”

So today, let’s think about our small self, who has a great power to change everything and how that power can be best utilized.

It is not just in our own household but also in the greater playground around us, which is now polluted with garbage everywhere and lots of bullies.

Become Your Sovereign Self and shine brightly to inspire others

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.9.20

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