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May your New Year be filled with Wonder and New Beginnings…
This was my last talk for 2020 and somewhat delayed in posting due to computer issues which have occupied my time and mind for the past three weeks.

2020 is leaving us with more than a subtle invitation but a very loud roar to redefine every pattern of our lives that no longer align with Our Hearts as a Whole Humanity.

Be quiet as you listen and bold as you let go,
for in that co-creative process we dance among the Stars

Listen and Let Go – Shownotes
Good morning and welcome to the Presence Of Light talks with Charlie Riverman Bergeron.

It is December 18th here on the Southwest coast of Maine here in the United States and we have just had a snowstorm which always changes the energies.

We also have lots of activity in the universe as we approach the winter solstice on the 21st of December.

Many of you may be experiencing many different energies that are overly dramatic within your physical body and your conscious mind.

Today the sun aligns with the galactic center which may raise your energies and alongside of that we just had the planet Saturn enter Aquarius yesterday.

On the 20th Jupiter will enter Aquarius and this leads us into the solstice on the 21st.  

All of which is a prelude to the year 2021 in which many things will shift and morph into an alignment that will bring us into our higher dimensional selves.

The first card I pulled today is LISTEN from the Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Eleanor Von Linden.

LISTEN reads as follows,
“The great mind of God knows the answers to my problems before I ever ask.” 

When I use the word God I’m not necessarily speaking of a religious aspect of the word. I’m using it in the greater sense of The Creator. The source of everything that not only was here in the beginning but is always within us whether we like to acknowledge that or not.

The next two words in the title of today’s talk are LET GO.

And this has been a message that I have been receiving for quite some time leading up to these cosmic events. The message has been quite continuous whenever I begin to feel tension within my emotional or physical body. Especially in the last month it has become very loud and clear that each of us are facing a point in our evolution as human beings where we cannot pass this point without letting go of all negative and excessive behaviors and thought forms.

Not an easy process for any of us. So be gentle with yourself and know that it is all part of a greater clearing away of what no longer reflects any positive aspects, to bring into the future.

Of course, we talk about memories and how important they are to be able to understand where we have come from and how we have made it through so many trials and traumas, both as individuals and as a collective.

This all is no longer to be supercharged with our energies in order that balance be restored for the future generations.

It is now our responsibility individually and collectively to be the elders and way showers for humanity more than ever.

The listening is the key to our success or failure.

I know that each of us have a unique role to play in all of this and we chose to be here now to be a part of this. Yes, it is not going to be what we so much as humans would like but we as higher dimensional beings know is in alignment with our greater presence as creators.

Let me read this Soul Inspiration Message Card by Kahliya

Today I Will Blossom
Today I Will Burst Out
In Pure Pleasure
Despite the weather

Those who tease me
Will never please me
I am the One
Who owns my Fun
I’m going out there
To Dance in the Sun!

Letting Go of the past is never easy and not something we look forward to. It is not until we have moved further along our path that we realize the energy we feared to let go of no longer has any affect on us.

A Life Purpose Card I pulled reflects this in its simple message.
“Walk away from this situation in order to resolve it.”

As I wrote these words I was reminded of the Angels’ message to Lot and his wife and children… “Do not look behind you.” as they were leaving a place of pain and suffering to create a better life.

Then message of the “Mountain of Megiddo” is that Armageddon will not bring “the end of the world’ because many of us are already listening very deeply and trusting in OUR AUTHENTIC SELF.

SO the messages all point in one direction which is forward and just like the flowers that blossom in the Spring so too will we enter the Spring of our own journey and be there to show the future generations that not only can we survive very devastating winters, we are Beautiful Beings of Creation that cannot and will not ever end.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.18.20

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