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Embracing Our Future Self Show Notes 10.8.21

Today as I awoke and asked what the topic for today would be, a gentle message came to me about the future.

At first it will be very challenging as we let go of the collective trauma of humanity and the damage it has created to Mother Earth. Yet as we move through the dramas of separation it will shift and become more balanced.

Right now, we are in a birthing state which is painful yet offers us an opportunity to connect and be a part of the birthing process from our divine eternal self.

So, I ask everyone to think for a moment as to what might that look like for each of us, to find our harmonic balance and heart resonance restoring itself without a struggle of acceptance.

I offer you this writing from yesterday’s Global Heart Team meditation…

Creative Power of Your Personal Heart

In the quiet and stillness
we are alone with the Heartbeat
in its receiving and sending energy

Perhaps it has a message for us

that is beyond our imagination
and needs to be repeated many times

For it cannot be heard over the brain
the message I heard today was
welcome home beloved one

It is from this Heart Energy
that all you know and understand
has been created, both positive and negative

For when you are not in alignment
with the rhythm of your beating Heart
great moments of distortion are present

Please listen for the soft voice of your Heart
and know that it is your choice to make
and the way you create all positive possibilities

Charlie Riverman Bergeron
Written for Global Heart Team 10.7.21

I love the last few words – Create All Positive Possibilities

This week the word Benevolence came in several times, and it is a word I would not normally use. I think of it as kindness and an opportunity to share with others.

Some synonyms for it are courtesy, favor, grace, mercy, service, friendliness, unselfishness, and goodwill.

Isn’t this what we are all seeking and finding less and less of in our worldly experience.
Isn’t this what has been overshadowed by the selfishness, greed and power of the way we are destroying Mother Earth and each other.

The key to shifting all of this and becoming our True Future Self is to recognize within ourselves how we are contributing to the negativity of the world around us is very small ways and commit to staying aware and knowing we have a choice to not follow our negative patterns of behavior anymore.

As we do this we receive more Peace, Light and Love which strengthens our abilities to align with our future selves in a very gentle and positive way.

In doing so we are allowing our Hearts to open once again without fear, for we begin to feel better about who we are and what we can do to help others around us.

As we rebuild our trust of Self we become witness to others who are walking the same path and gather in groups at crossroads to assist each other rather than take advantage of each other and become our Future Self. 
So let us rise into our Hearts and Love each other into the Future. A far better outcome than what we might be thinking right now, the choice is all yours to make.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.8.21